For Sale Disc only Mavic Crosslink White GREAT CONDITION.

Wizard of OZ

Retrobike Rider
Loverly set of Crosslinks, an early disc only MTB wheel set from Mavic. Very similar to late ninties Crossrides. Nice for a weight weeny on a disc retro build. Great condition.

Details below but ask a question if I've missed anything:

F: 850 grams R: 1085 grams
100mm and 135mm O.L.D. for QRs.
28H each.
17mm wide rims. Similar to 717 disc rim profile in IMO
I ran 2.3" with tubes with no worries. Never tried tubeless on them.
Front is radial spoked on the non-disc side.
6 bolt disc fittment.
They are completely naked. No rim tape, no skewers and no discs.
Valve hole is big enough to take schrader tubes.
They spin smooth and true. No wobbles. None that I can see anyway.
No play in the bearings.
Free hub spins smoth too.

Small amount of paint chipping on front hub.
The odd mark to the rims. Front better than rear. See photos. I've tried to take pics of the worst. Still look really nice and clean.
All the stickers are there and in good nick except one, on the rear wheel local to the valve hole. It's missing. Glue still there. Can be cleaned off if desired.

The disc brake bolt bosses have been hand dremel'ed down a bit in order to allow a rotor to fit. See the pics. This was by the previous owner. I've had no problem with them like this. It's only to the portion of boss that sticks out from the centre of the 6 bolt cluster and not the bolt holes or face the rotors mouts on to. I'm not sure how a rotor would fit on without this mod. See pics of an avid rotor that is snug. Note this rotor is not included in the sale. Some rotors may not fit. So you can either use some avid rotors or dremel some more. You have to remember that these disc wheels were very early on in the evolution of disc. There where all sorts of different bolting paterns/standards. Infact these wheels have detachable disc rotors bosses that can be swapped out for different standards. That was my plan until I realised my rotors would only just fit on the modded bosses. The likelyhood of finding a set of rotors to fit the un-modded bosses is probably not much better than the Tories getting re-elected. And that's if you can find new bosses. Anyway never found them to be a problem as they are. Don't notice the mod when all on the bike.

Really nice set of wheels but have no use for them. So though to offer them up to those who might make use of them.

Sold as seen. Looking for 250 NOW 220 quid posed to mainland UK. Paypal gift or bank transfer. In London, so can pick up if your local.


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Have just realised another quirk of the wheels. I had to shim one of the brake rotors out so it would align with the caliper. I used two 1mm washers per bolt to correct the alignment. Never had a problem with braking performance or them coming loose. Just make sure your bolts are long enough though. I think this was on the rear but can't remember. Anyway I'll include the washers in the sale. I'd imagine you might have the same issue if fitted to a relatively modern frame. Or maybe not. Maybe just my frame. Again I think this was due to the period that come from, where standards were all over the place.


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