Did old groupsets include dropouts?

Old Ned

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My Harry Quinn bike (as the avatar photo mid/late 60's) had Prestige rear mech, (affordable), Campag DT levers (worked well, the Prestige plastic one was dire!), Nuovo Record front mech (worked better than any Simplex), Weimann 500 stirrups (affordable and fashionable), Universal levers (comfortable and fashionable), Stronglight 49D cranks/BB and TA Criterium Adaptor rings (affordable and easy to change), Zeus pedals (like Campag but much less expensive), GB bars and Ambrosio stem (affordable). It was all purchased as and when I needed it to replace something old or worn out. It also all worked harmoniously together, no need to have to stick to one manufacturer. Now it's all groupsets - and I'm the one that's worn out!


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Ah...there you go.. which begs another question: The difference between the 'catalogue groupset' - which includes both the touring and racing mechs, both the small and the large flange hubs, bar-con and dt shifters, (and the dropouts?) and so on. - and the groupset that you might actually buy?