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Picked this up today and was wondering if anyone could shed a bit of light on it. I've googled and got some basic Dave Russell info back, but couldn't find out much about the range of bikes he produced & whether this was a diamond or a lump of coal. Some of the parts seem a bit incongruous, so may not be original but the bulk of it does seem to be. Any info gratefully received...

Frame: <EO> 4380 stamped under bottom bracket, chromed Columbus front fork
Rear derailleur: Suntour Vx
Front derailleur: Suntour Superbe
Shifters: Suntour
Cranks: Stronglight 49D with TA Cyclotouriste 52T/40T Chainrings
Freewheel: Regina Corsa 78, 5 speed, 14T - 28T (although will upgrade to NOS Suntour Perfect, 5 speed, 14T - 34T)
Brakes: Weinmann Vainqueur 610
Brake levers: Shimano
Headset: Hatta Swan
Saddle: Selle Italie Anatomic
Hubs / QR: Campagnolo
Rims: Staral










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As far from an expert as it gets but I have a Dave Russell frame & it's really well made I believe he is quite well respected
I started stripping the bike down today and found a few nice little oddities I hadn't see before...

The cranks currently remain in place since I don't have the correct crank removal puller. Apparently pre-80s Stronglight cranks use a 23.35mm thread rather than the "normal" 22mm. A 23.35mm puller seems to cost one million pounds, so hopefully I'll see some more of these in the future to be able to depreciate the purchase.


These were bent beyond belief so I was praying to all the gods available whilst removing them, that the bolt wouldn't snap leaving an irrecoverable bit inside the hole.


However, once remove they did reveal some very nice Campagnolo dropouts.

The forks are almost certainly not original, but very nice nonetheless. Will get them re-chromed since I've got enough stuff for the local guy's minimum £60 charge.

I'm starting to think this build might turn out quite well :cool: