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Hello All :D

In advance, please s’cuse the long (first) post and forgive my extreme ignorance and lack of knowledge but I am looking for quite a lot of help with the below project and I would dearly love some advice or pointers in the right direction.

I bought this frame as a complete bike sometime around 2005 (possibly a bit earlier) from an old work colleague. I used it to commute for a bit but after countless punctures and (I think) a buckled wheel, it got thrown in the shed and forgotten about. Fast forward approx a decade, I was destroying the shed and found the bike again, at which time I stripped pretty much everything off the bike that was damaged or what I assumed was bad condition (again probably foolish) and put it into storage, hoping one day to resurrect the bike one day.

2 years ago I moved to South Korea and the frame stayed back in the UK, sort of forgotten about it, but as luck would have it a friend is relocated and the frame is coming here in their container - whoo hoo

What I have:

Frame: Easton Coyote HT1 or 2 frame?
Groupset: Deore LX triple crank
Rest of drive train is gone
Flat bar with “I Beam” stem
Red anodised bottle cage
Flat metal platform pedals

Build: In terms of what I want to achieve, I’m not retro sensitive (sorry again in advance) and would be happy to mix and match modern and old parts. In fact the more modern would be more ideal, as I don’t really have access to ebay or Amazon here, and will have to attempt to source parts locally, use AliExpress or at a push ask UK based friends to send items. So less vintage the better. I’m looking to use this as a fun runaround and if 1 x is an option I’m open to that too.

Ideas so far:

Brakes: Avid / SRAM SD 7 v brakes
Brake Leavers: Avid / SRAM FR5/FR7
Drive train/groupset: ?
Wheelset: size?
Tyres: black / tan wall ?

I’ve read the “What Easton frame is this” posts etc and a few other bits and bobs but have to confess, my bike building knowledge is very much beginner level, so feel free to dumb down any responses and treat me like a real noob! Happy to share progress photos (if I make any)

Thanks in advance, I’m at your mercy!


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I'm rolling my sleeves up soon to build my Coyote ultra lite from '98.

I'm going for a budget weight weenie build. Maybe you should consider it too as these frames can be the basis of a sub 22lbs or 10kg bike. So far I've collected:

- secondhand XTR M950 rear & front mechs, v-brake levers (eBay)
- 'Exotic' brand carbon forks w/ v-brake bosses (new)
- Avid 2.0 v brakes with ti bolts (secondhand)
- Carbon flat handlebars from AliExpress (only 99g, new)
- Spa cycles crank with t.a specialities rings (new)
- Titanium square taper bottom bracket 148g (£26.00 new; AliExpress)
- Mavic x517 rims on LX 570 hubs (need rebuilding) (used)
- SRAM 990 road cassette (secondhand eBay)
- lightweight foam grips (32g pair) (new)
- 235g titec sestpost (secondhand ebay)
- 9 speed shifters: Microshift w/ti bolts (new)
- jagwire cables (new)
- rabid brand light headset (new)
- gub brand seat light seat collar (new)

To get:

- lightweight tyres w/ superlight latex innertubes.
- carbon or ti saddle to get
- probably a titanium stem or maybe a kalloy Uno one
- probably some super light pedals (time etc)
- titanium hub skewers
- kmc x9sl superlight 9 speed chain
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