For Sale Commencal LBS £60


Dirt Disciple
An original Commencal LBS BMX from 2000.

Yes, Commencal made BMXs way back then! The founder of Commencal was one of the original founders of Sunn, so this bike has quite the heritage.
You'll see that even in their marketing for the new Commencal racing frame, they are referring to the new bike as Commencal's 'first BMX'. I mentioned this to Commencal UK and they told me that the marketing team weren't even born in 2000, so to them it is the company's first! Ha!

Anyway, I don't have the time or the cash to build this up. The Commencal UK team are quite keen to see the finished article, so you might even get the chance to have it featured in a 'then and now' article with the new bike. From Commencal themselves:

"After some research in the archives…

LBS stands for : Locale Bicycle Special. 4130 chromoly."

They sent this over with the original catalogue scans (pictured).

I've rattle-canned this white, applied clear coat and applied new decals. This would look very nice built up.

£60 for frame. £10 posted inside of the UK.


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    Commencal LBS-drive side.jpeg
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