Co-Op bikes


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Thanks Keith, very useful comments :)

I think I've seen Comrade mentioned somewhere else while looking for information, so that might be worth me following up


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CWS bicycle with Sturmey Archer gear hub

I recently purchased a CWS bicycle at an estate sale, with a headbadge similar to the other pictured, but the headbadge is not painted. From what I can tell it is a 3 speed bicycle, potentially with Reynolds tubing, and it also has an interesting straight hand pump with what looking like matching mounts that whistles a bit when used. I'll post some pictures soon if possible. Anyone know of any other resources where I could find more information?[/img]


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Ive just bought a Co Op bike. 20" wheels and a mixte style frame. Lady i brought it off said her mum built wheels at the co op bike factory and shes had the bike around 55 years (making it around 1963)so pre dating a Raleigh Shopper etc. Its been in Redditch all its life with one owner.... Ive had some strange bikes but nevervseen one if these. Any good info sites or anyone got anything similar


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Any information out there on a CWS Wizard that was my late fathers. Dated about 53/4 according to my mum


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Had for a time a CWS Commuter which was a Rival to the Raleigh RSW 16" wheeler. When I bought it the seller thought it a Bmx but I just knew it wasn't although what it was I did not know. Later discovered mine was one of the ones built to be a Clarke Scamp moped but never got built up as a moped. Weird thing, handled not well, heavy but could take 16 x 2.4" inch tyres with ease so reasonably comfy.
Built in or near Birmingham in the 1960's, only CWS I've ever seen until this thread.


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I have recently acquired a CWS tandem frame, but having spent quite a lot of time trawling through the various images on the www, have yet to see one either in an advert, or a photo of one. Head badge is a simple brass diamond shape, and the frame has braze-ons for a trivelox rear gear, but other than that its just a bare, but very light, frame.

Does anyone have any info on CWS's tandems at all?