For Sale Clear-out. All gone now.

Captain Stupido

Senior Retro Guru
Sold bits (inc postage):

STX RC MC34 rear mech. £8
XTR RD-M951. £33
Flite saddle. Comfy but rough around the edges. £12
Kona Velocity stem. Cable hanger removed, touch-ins and cosmetic marks, but very usable. £11
On-One rigid steel forks. £30
Rockshox SID SL C3 forks. £80
Cube lock-on grips. £5
Deore BR-MT61 U brake. £9
DX BL-M601 V-Brake levers. Ratty. £15
Shimano SG chainring set. Worn. £7

Sold (not including postage):

Bar ends. Ritchey. £5.
Bar ends. RSP (bolt missing). £2.
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