Claud Butler Regent - Tubing Help Pls!


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Just picked up this tidy 90s touring bike for a nice price. There’s no decals to indicate the tubing so I was just wondering if anybody here knows? I’m assuming 531 but wondered if they might have switched to something cheaper by that point. TIA2968AB3D-6D9D-41DA-AF6E-CECF9CBAF1A0.jpeg


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531ST if I remember right.
It was basically a Dawes Galaxy equivalent. Nice bike, although that ghastly chainset has to go.


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3819D4AA-D34D-4EB6-AEF2-A59CDC9FA5A6.jpegSo on inspecting it in daylight I found this! Unfortunately I also found the stem and Seatpost are seized despite me directly asking the seller. So I have just bought myself a headache.


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I think you have found a Columbus sticker, or at least the remnants of one.

As for the seized components, time, patience and plenty of penetrating oil is the name of the game.



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Thanks guys. Sadly the further I’ve got with this one the worse it’s got. Seatpost came out ok but the stem not so much. Gave it some heat and then wd40, then put a bit to much force in it bending the forks 😩 Noticed that the paint came away under the crown revealing quite a lot of rust so not sure how safe they were anyway. The BB area is also really rusty. The paint is there which is why it didn’t look so bad but it’s rusted underneath it extensively. At least I didn’t spend too much and the wheels and a few other bits are solid. Bleh.