Claud Butler Olympic Sprint (Final pics 20/06/13)


MacRetro Rider
I took my brother in laws lawnmower back to him today and when he was putting it in his garage I saw his old "racer" hanging up. I remember him riding it when we were lads in the late 70s.
It has deteriorated badly so I offered to take it off his hands and maybe do it up.

When I got it home I realised that it was a single speed track frame. It had no cable guides or braze ons for a pump. It does , however , have mudguard mounts front and rear. I became a bit more interested.

Everything except the bars/stem , saddle and calipers is pretty much scrap. The wheels rims are rotten and I don't think the hubs are worth keeping. Front hub is unbranded , the rear is marked D West Germany.

The serial number on the frame and forks matches : 60224

Can anyone help age the frame ?








Blimey it takes a bit of ingenuity to make a track bike geared :)

Would look nice stripped back to it's former fixed wheel glory. Claud Butler supplied the 70's UK track teams with their frames (in 197:cool: so were not shabby :D

Nice find.........60's would be my guess

That is absolutely stunning! Get stuck in with the dubbin and that Brooks should come up like new. Mine was in similar condition when I got it.

I can't help with the exact dating, but the combination of the parts and the paint scheme make me think it's a 60's bike. I think the Huret derailleur is later, maybe late 70's.
Try looking at this site...

Various incarnations from 1949 to 1979!

Looking at the seat tube, which has similar paint style to me '63 cordon bleu, i would say '63-'68.......though the suicide levers might date it later, or be an add on!
Good work. I'm with Piperdave, the plain Prugnat headtube lugs make it post 1963. CB seem to have painted them any colour you wanted, so it might be difficult to pin it down more closely. The lugs seem to have gone frilly for the 1967 model year again. OF course, it's a road / path frame so equally at home on the banking or with guards and saddle bag on the road...

Very jealous
Stripped down to a frame and a small pile of usable bits. Does anybody know the purpose of the oil soaked roll of thick cardboard which was inside the bb shell. I'm assuming it was to stop it rusting from the inside.


There is a grease nipple on the bb shell. The paper keeps the grease in, and prevents it going along the frame tubes.