Chris King ISO on Mavic XM719 26” wheels £550


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For sale here is my hardly used Chris King wheelset. They have done less than 10 rides since being built new. Please see pics for condition - hubs are absolutely excellent, spokes are great bar some kinks to the drive side rear spokes from a chain overshift, but that hasn’t affected function and wheels run strong and true. Rims have a few normal off-road use marks from stones etc.

These hubs ALONE sell for around £650 now...

Black Mavic XM719 disc rims (23.7mm wide, welded joint, 36h, stainless steel eyelets). For heavy duty XC, Trail and All-Mountain use.

Black Chris King ISO 6-bolt disc hubs, in the classic standard QR guise, 100mm front & 135mm rear axles. Parts to convert to other axle types are available from Chris King, or Aspire Velotech do a great mail order service from the USA.

Black Sapim double butted spokes.

Sapim brass nipples.

Full spec:

Handbuilt 3-cross with 36-spokes front and rear for ultimate strength and durability. Essential for off road use on disc brake wheels for heavier riders. Less time spent truing, more time spent riding!

I personally run 36h wheels on all my bikes now after being fed up with too much truing, tweaking and spoke breakages on my previous 32h sets. Since going 36h I've never had a spoke break on me and I've never had to true them up. The extra 4 spokes really do make a huge difference in strength and practicality for only a few extra grams.

These XM719 rims are a disc only design that are stronger than the rim brake equivalents. The 23.7mm width (19mm internal) allows the use of wide/high volume tyres if required. I've happily run 1.95", 2.1, 2.2" and 2.4" on these rims and all worked great.

The rims have Mavic’s superior SUP welded joint. I would never use a pinned or sleeved joint rim now after having one break at the join a few years ago!! Welded and machined rims are dearer, but much stronger, longer lasting and safer.

The rims spoke holes are equipped with stainless steel eyelets for maximum tension, strength and longevity. Again, I wouldn't use a rim without eyelets as rims without eyelets are prone to cracking around the spoke holes and cannot hold as much spoke tension making a much weaker wheel.

The Sapim Laser spokes are light, strong and durable. As good if not slightly better than DT Revolutions but there's not much in it.

With brass spoke nipples of course, as aluminium nipples crack, seize and round off far too easily! I'm amazed why some people waste time and money on them for just a few grams of weight saving...

Chris King ISO 6-bolt disc hubs - the best hubs ever made. They have the best custom stainless steel bearings, the best instant engagement stainless steel drive system, the best flange dimensions/spacings for the strongest wheel builds, the best materials/fit/finish, the best quality control, the best spares back-up and the best whirring freewheeling noise ever!

Top quality 26" disc wheelsets with traditional QR axles are getting very hard to find now. These wheels are the best you can get of this style/era.

No tyres included but I have loads of 26” tyres available if you need some fitted to these wheels for a bargain price, just let me know what kind of width/style you're after.


Postage to UK £10, most of Europe £25