Sorted Chainring Spacers, Bolts, & Washers


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Hello all!

Firstly - I’ve recently acquired a Race Face Turbine LP crankset and I’m in need of 8.30mm inner chainring spacers and 16mm inner chainring bolts. I’ve found Problem Solvers sells 16mm inner chainring bolts, but I haven’t found much regarding the spacers. If someone has a set of even just the spacers I’d be happy to take them off your hands, but the inner chainring bolts or even a set of chainring bolts for the outer & middle rings would be nice in addition if the spacers are available as well.

Secondly - I’m in need of what I believe are referred to as “brake rings” or “brake return spring washers,” I’ve come across an aftermarket brace for my MAG21s that lack the holes for the brake return springs. This washer, if you will, would be installed between the brace itself and the brake post mounting stud. I’ll attach some photos for reference. I’ve found a couple of listings for these in the UK, but no others. I’ll hop on them if nothing comes up, but the postage is much greater than the cost of of the part itself.

Stateside would be preferred as to reduce postage.

Thanks a million!

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I’d like to follow up with an update in the odd situation someone comes across this.

Firstly: I came across the required hardware for my Race Face Turbine LP crankset at a local shop, it was amongst a bucket of various nuts and bolts. Unimportant, but exciting, within that bucket I also came across some neat looking FSA outer/middle chainring bolts. Felt good that day.

In the event one isn’t so lucky as to have the luxury of a dirty bucket of hardware to sift through, I have come across new alternatives to the same hardware. Problem Solvers sells 16mm inner chainring bolts and I found that Wheels Manufacturing sells 8.3mm inner chainring spacers. Unfortunately, they seemingly only sell these spacers in packs of 20 (and are a bit costly), but they are available. Perhaps one’s local shop could purchase them and sell just what is needed.

Secondly: I purchased “RockShox Judy FSX Arch Brake Plates” from Specialty Retro Products along with aluminum spacers (separate). The aluminum spacers have an 8mm outer diameter, 6mm inside diameter, and are approximately 4mm in height. I say approximately as I’d to cut them down a little as the brake stud bolt has a shoulder nearest the inside face not allowing for the spacer to sit flat against the inside face of said bolt, thus protruding from the face of the brake plates once installed onto the brake mounting stud - this is of course given at the length of the spacers I purchased. The spacer is there both to take up the space and to center the brake plate upon the brake stud bolt, as the brake stud bolts on MAG21s are M6 while the inside diameter of the brake stud bolt hole on the SRP brake plates is 8mm.

With the aftermarket brace, to match the same amount of thread engagement going into the fork the brake plates would need to be thinner, but I’m losing approximately 1.70mm of thread engagement. Given the amount of thread engagement currently available I’m not terribly concerned, but certainly not ideal. I could have the spacers machined down to the ideal thickness, but frankly it doesn’t seem worth the cost/time. Perhaps in the future.

I’m still amidst some work on the bike the fork is installed on, but I’ll post photos soon.

Hopefully this may be of use to someone, someday.

Take care, folks.
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