Wanted Campgnolo Freehub Body


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Has anyone got a Campagnolo freehub body, 12 mm axle, to enable the use of Shimano cassettes, preferably 9 speed ?

Has anyone experience of using them, I'm trying to mix and match what I have.

Might be easier to respace your campy9 cassette to shimano9 spacing. Screenshot_20240526-150944_Firefox.jpg

Otherwise fhbs are usually specific to the hub, so let us know what that is👍
As a rule, setting a campy hub properly up for shimano is much more common that the other way round, so you might need to order a new freehub body if one is available for your hub.
I had looked into that, looking at a few options, to swap over drop bars for flats but no real options of brifters to work with Campy. The bike has a Xenon rear derailleur but will have to check the hub and cassette. I have Shimano cassettes/brifters already.

I would guess that Shimano spacers would be used, maybe need fettling to fit the freehub ? I see that Shimano Campy sprockets are different thickness too but not by much. I'll get more details.
There are some details online of the various methods.
Simplest is to slim the campy spacers down 0.2mm and add a 1.5-2mm spacer behind the cassette.
The chains don't mind the sprocket thickness, it's just the centre to centre needs that little adjustment.

Of course you'll need a shimano 9 compatible derailleur to make it work.
Shimano cable pull is wrong for a campag derailleur, and although you'll find enthusiasts with a "hack" they say works great, i'd avoid it.
Thanks for the details, I had thought that slimming the spacers would not be possible but if they are 'soft' it would be straightforward I suppose. I have a couple of Shimano derailleurs. Sounds like be the way to go.
Unless you have precise machinery, you'll never slim the spacers down accurately. Even if seems ok at first, it will always be a temperamental fix.

You can get cassettes to fit Shimano splines with campag (not Campy😉) spacing. Marchisio do (or used to?) do them and it's possible Miche might mix splines and spacing
Thanks for the information,

I want to put a Shimano cassette, or Shimano spaced cassette, on a Mirage hub so I can use Shimano brifters on flat bars. My back disagrees with drops these days ☹️ and i’m trying to use what I have.

I see that the spacers are resin and so would not put up much resistance to fettling, I have an engineering background working to close tolerances so am looking to try this route first. I will report back on results, perhaps in a different thread.

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