BSA frame numbering?


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Anyone have a (reasonably) reliable guide to dating BSA frames?
Picked it up today, a single speed (no gearing at all seems evident), 'BSA' lettered chainset if that helps. I'm told it's late '50's / early 60's - has the 'BSA' lettering decal down the seat tube with a small star between each letter, water-transfer by the looks of.
Numbered on the seat post lug, four numbers and two letters.
It's not the end of the world if I don't pin it down, just nice to know. Will be re-storing as a single speed town runabout.


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Hi Richard,
Frame numbers of 4 digits and 2 letters are post 1959.
It looks like a BSA Wayfarer with it's chain guard missing, and it could be as late as the early to mid 1970's.
Made by Raleigh of course, as they bought out BSA back in 1957.


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So, here's the plan. The strip-down was a 'mare and suffice to say the chainset didn't survive but I'd decided to upgrade to a sq. taper BB for ease of looking after (haven't seated it here, need to clean the threads properly).
Had the chrome fork, stem and flat bars in the parts bin, so they're in. Nothing special, but good to find a use finally.
Have a nice pair of Mavic Monthlery Route rims on Newstar/Maillard hubs but they're tubs so that might not work. Plus the OLN is 110 so may be another round of cold-setting. Unless anyone's got a cheap-n-cheerful pair of clinchers going?
More as the weekend progresses hopefully...


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Help, what's 167325 on an old black bsa?
It has wrights on the saddle