British handbuilt Mercian 531 Orange Pearl Fade frame/forks


It comes with all the elucid brakes and the thumbshifters. plus a elucid seatpost and quick release.

If the buyer was to ask I have the correct 32 hole screw freewheel hubs (nos)...chainsets one black and one silver aa nos bottom bracket and a couple of rear what more do you need some rims?.....

obviously the other parts would be at cost..

as for the size, its more of a old style frame.

eg the seatube is quite long..compared with say a kona but then thats expected on what is probably a frame made in 1987 -1989 ish
Does anyone know what happened with this? I am lucky enough to own a Mercian mtb myself. Would love to see some other examples! Cheers
I built the frame up and it currently sits on the wall over my hifi
I would sell her if the right offer came in.
It’s all NOS Campagnolo and never ridden.
I have a build thread on here somewhere
I spent way over on building it up but would take £1000 as I have another project in mind
Take a look at the build thread it was very thorough even down to using Campagnolo cables a nos saddle nos Hutchinson tan wall tyres etc etc
Ok nothing has changed on this site in the last ten years
I paid 500 for the frame and will sell it for the same and good luck with the rest … at least another £800 of NOS parts