BLING - Updated - more pics & combo deals.


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XT M730 NOS 28.6 front mech from late 80s. Hard to find in this NOS cond £55 PPG Shipped signed for UK or trade cash adjust for above.

NOS Perforated Black Flite in box £250 shipped to EU Probably the prettiest saddle ever made. Perfect for your Garage Queen.

IRD 26.6mm silver original seatpost design, with original decal, in ex cond, black clamp is solid. Easily sanded down a tad to fit a 26.4mm seat tube ( my plan ) £175 shipped which is less than a repro with shipping and import. - see pic

Onza Porc folding 2.10 tyres £65 PPG Shipped to UK. Centre tread bead still present on one and the other just worn off, v v low miles, no damage, skid bald patches, these present well just need a clean for a garage queen - see pic

Brooks B72 Rare NOS black smooth saddle in original box with all the bits. This is new old stock unmounted and will suit any early period build - Want what I paid £95 PPG Shipped - blacks are rare in NOS - pics to follow. This is model hasn't changed in years and is perfect for an early era build. - Sold

Answer Hyperlite black, 3deg bend, cut down a bit to 543mm ( 560mm is uncut length), logos bright and sharp, looks great when fitted, no bar end crimp marks either £35 PPG - Withdrawn

XTR M900 NOS 31.8 front mech £85 PPG shipped signed for in UK or swop for mint full used set of M900 Cantis with original correct pill cable hangers and straddle cables. These are upto £135-160 on ebay - SOLD

XT 735 flat pedals low miles, logos clean, no resto or touch ups, one tiny grip pin missing but doesnt effect performance £75 PPG shipped - SOLD

FAT CHANCE original mid 80s classic black alloy bend handlebar 635mm wide with original peeling FAT decal. I have a spare Gil decal which is included. These are pretty rare and super comfy and back in fashion ;) Anodising is still unfaded with very few marks. Two small holes custom drilled for a thin locking cable on lhs near end of bar. Original owner was a New Yorker and hbar theft was a thing ! £65 PPG shipped UK less than I paid. C/w original alu shims. See pic. - SOLD

Sugino NOS 3 ink blue chainring set SP 24T, 36T & 46T look amazing on nice cranks. £75 PPG shipped in UK - see pic - SOLD

NOS Goldtech 32h front Patriot hub. Perfect for a Stars & Stripes celebration style build ala Kona Aha, Funk ? £40 Shipped signed for to UK - RESERVED

M730 XT rear mech ‘long cage’, LA date code is Jan 1987, mint v low miles cond £45 PPG shipped UK - SOLD Pending

Shimano First Gen PM M737 SPDs NOS in box with instructions. Missing cleats which I plan to use £85 PPG Shipped UK - SOLD Pending

DEAN Ti ahead stem. Rare thing, perfect mid rise and 130mm length twin bolt bar clamp design and 1 1/8th ahead but can fit 1” with shim. Beautiful brushed Ti finish which looks great with a riser bar. £105 PPG shipped - SOLD

More pics on request and more nice stuff to come...



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Old School Grand Master
Re: BLING - For Sale - more added, combined shipping.

Hotwheels.":1a9ng1in said:
Poor show on the pics old boy!

Its my age, im getting a bit forgetful but.... i will eml potential buyers with high res pics and a deal for multibuys ;) The NOS stuff we all know what it looks like anyway.

More to come with pics promise :)


Old School Grand Master

FAT CHANCE original alu handlebar added. Rare and very comfy to ride on your Wicked or 80s FAT ;)


Old School Grand Master

Pics of rare FAT CHANCE handlebar added. 635mm wide with a really comfy bend profile.