Bikes and Bunkers

This is an interesting one to see from across the pond, sometimes I forget how much war infrastructure is still hanging around a lot of Europe and the UK.
Here in the US the majority of what you see is Cold War era military installations. I live next to a few NIKE missile defense sites from the 50’s, but there’s a lot of abandoned nuclear missile program sites all over the country and then still a lot of active ones just sitting in nowhere land.

That one is just hanging out behind the local Walmart. A late 50’s/early 60’s NIKE launch station, the fire control building a mile away is gone. This one and the one by my house were both equipped with 20kt Hercules nuclear missiles. Which is weird to think there were once 6 to 12 Hiroshimas in my backyard.
I have gone biking into that one but that is a crime, I do not have pictures.

Another one is just north of me and someone is trying to turn it into a bed and breakfast, despite the whole area being layered in contaminated soil.
And one way to my south is actually a paintball arena now which is neat.

But it’s one of those things you stumble across here still tucked into various corners around cities. There’s a bunch around Chicago, and I came across one on the north side in a park once like “oh yeah that’s right, the Cold War was a thing, we kept nuclear weapons to shoot down other nuclear weapons here”.
And then to be reminded that’s all over the place in Europe, in some ways that kind of cool how much physical history is left behind, because you just rarely see anything like that here.
Sort of a bunker - the remains of Tollerton ROC post.

Rather than start a Bikes and bridges and bunkers thread, this is killing two birds with one stone type thing, the anti-tank barrier pillars at Aldwark toll bridge, with a gratuitous shot to include the bridge deck (also appears in Bikes&Bridges).


We have Bikes and bunkers and bikes, bridges and bunkers so here is All Terrain Bike and Air Raid Shelters in a wood near me. These were part of RAF Zeals, in Wiltshire.

IMG_0721.jpeg IMG_0722.jpeg IMG_0723.jpeg

In a hole in the ground there lived a cyclist. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with just the ends of cables and the smell of degrading elastomers, nor yet a dry bare, sandy hole without a saddle to sit down on or an energy bar to eat: it was a cyclists-hole, and that means comfort.
Got a few in this evening. And some anti tank blocks as a sweetener.


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On an abandoned section of the old a40 - recorded as "reported"
SO 52680 15668
Further info on identification:
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In respect of the ROC observation bunkers it blows my mind to think of the three volunteers who trained to sit, watch and report in the event of a nuclear attack. Tried explaining it to my kids as their grandad and great grandad were ROC volunteers, it’s lost on them!

I’ll be looking out for them on my rides now!
This might help
One ROC site south of York now lies buried by the A64 while its replacement has been built over by a bungalow - the below ground bunker was retained with access through a hatch in the hallway floor and was used for storage by the householder but the building was subject to a major extension about a decade back so condition of the bunker is now unknown.
Looking at the map I've found a few more bunkers I didn't know existed. One is hidden in a small copse of trees at the top of the first climb on one of the regular evening training routes we used back in the 1980s. Not that any of use would have noticed it back then as we were concentrating on holding wheels.
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