Bargain Universal

I knew it would be that before I even clicked it 🤣 They were £79 off the shelf in the 90’s and the cones came loose in the rear wheel no matter how good you set it up. Awful bikes.
Why would someone even bother tarting up a lowend bike with bent forks? theres a ton of nice, higher end vintage MTBs out there at bargain prices that could be hipsterred up.........
Saw this a couple of days ago, not sure how the seller is calculating the cost at all. I suspect that his mates are also spamming up the comments as there are several posts stating what good value this is!

The bent fork concerns me as well TBH, that's 1020 gas pipe hi tensile steel at best. Not sure if I would want to trust that :(

If this sells I will eat my hat, coat shoes and anything else I'm wearing at the time!