Are there any Slayer fans on here?


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Kerry kings new band, there's been talk about it for years

now due May 17th

I thought Gary holt would be in it

But no,

Kerry King, Paul Bostaph, Phil Demmel and Mark Osegueda

here's the new song

sounds like generic slayer really

in response to your original question : yes. was mildly interested in hearing his new offering & it was rather meh, imo. was nice to see Mark O again, tho - Death Angel’s Act III is still one of my favourite albums. how do you feel about old school death metal, btw?
I've been listening to Slayer since around 1989 at first year in high school and have every album they have ever released
Was only 11 years old at the time
I like Anthrax and Exodus, System of a down is alright, enjoy Rage against the machine,
Got a bit of napalm death
What bands was you thinking about?

Two fists sounds a bit like Mr Freeze from Undisputed attitude

entombed, obituary, morbid angel, pestilence, bolt thrower, carcass etc. - you know, old school death metal circa late '80's-early '90's...;)
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Yes, I enjoy all sorts of music and different types of metal :)

Been looking forward to the new Body count album
It's been supposedly completed for a year
I have all the Body count albums
here's a new track