Any ideas on this old hub?


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Any of the gurus out there know what this hub is? It's on an Araya RM-17 if that helps to date it.


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Could the axle spacers be red herrings?
I don't see why you'd bother with a complex shape without covering up the cartridge bearings.
Is it an old specialized stout missing its 2 end caps? I think the first gen had removable caps covering the bearings and acting as the spacers...
Shape is good, but didn't the stout have that slidey through axle or was there an earlier model, or even this one adapted to 9mm qr?
- it's hard to imagine Spesh would offer a product without clear branding🤣
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I have seen them adapted to take a 9mm spindle....when the original big one was lost...

However, i think the branding was etched in?? So may not be that.
Most oldschool bike shops will have a drawer of decent hubs cut out of broken Rims. Usually happy to sell cheap because supply outstrips demand.