Aluminium headtube question


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Hi all,

I'm planning to restore a Caloi aluminium frame. So far I stripped all the components and come to something odd when looking for a suitable replacement fork.

The headtube seems to have a inner steel tube insert.
The top part of the headset is for 1 1/8" as the aluminium tube has the 34mm required.

On the bottom, the headset is for 1", since the inner steel tube is flush with the frame reducing the inner diameter.

Is this part of the frame and shouldn't be removed, or is something that could have been added on the past during a fork replacement?
If removal is not advised, would shorten it on the bottom to allow a 1/18" headset be an option?

Appreciate your thoughts since finding a decent 1 1/8" fork is much easier. Thanks!


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I think you would be OK to remove the steel ring and fit a standard 1-1/8" headset as normal.
The ring is probably either an original factory, or owner, adaptation to 1" headset cups, not a structural requirement.

As long as the 34mm bore is dee penough for your headet cupsm it should all fit just fine.

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Many thanks. That seems about right, as the fork was changed on the past (many years ago). I'm restoring this old bike and I guess the fork was replaced with a 1" instead of a 1 1/8" by a "creative" guy eheheh I've just removed it and seems to be ok and I'll go with a 1 1/8" fork.