Account Hacking


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On the old forum you could see how long a member had been registered for along with information as to when they last logged on and account activity

So with the current setup not so much of that seems to be available anymore

This information can help users to filter out the iffy looking content when it comes to sales and purchasing

Now a long inactive members account has been hacked, this leaves almost anyone open to fraud

So, I guess for the time being is that everyone just triple checks everything

Syntax and writing style in emails or PM's

Check items haven't been up for sale before

Use Google image search to check other sites

Methods of payment

Maybe best to just suck up PayPal fees instead of Gift

And most definitely don't do bank transfers!


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just want to recommend to check the users profile page, like in my case this page

you can still see when this user has joined the forum and also check in the tab "latest activity" the most recent posts.

Indeed checking last posts is a bit cumbersome and not every user is actively posting all time.

One thing not clear to me,
my profile shows "joined" and "last seen",

but yours only "joined" but no "last seen"

Maybe it's within the user settings.


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Hovering over the user name (or clicking on mobile) will show when they joined and from there you can go to their post history. Unless disabled it will also tell you when they were last online (latest activity can still be accessed from profile page).

Agree that the best course of action is to carry out your due diligence, using methods the you've mentioned

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Good advice and also just use common sense as with any purchase online. All because a registered member has good feedback and it is actually them on the other end of the keyboard, does not mean they will honor the sale. If you are buying something expensive then contact them in person, its good to talk, according to Bob :)