'99 Gary Fisher Joshua 24 (24" Wheel Kids Bike)


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For sale is this well looked after and loved, Gary Fisher Joshua 24.

This was actually my bike when I was 11. I loved it and looked after it, but of course being 11 I grew out of it pretty rapidly and moved onto the next one.

I kept it at the time, probably because in order to get it we ordered it from america through our lbs, mosscrops cycles, so it was pretty special to me.

The bike was left in a well looked after shed under a dust cover for basically the last decade untill this summer when I found it and tidied it up. I wasn't going to sell it at first because its in such good nick, I'm 22 now and my best mates just had a kid - I was going to give it to him when the kid grew up but my mate said I should just get it sold as we both needed the space.

So anyway here it is!

Pretty standard spec for a kids bike really, shimano SIS front and rear mech, 21 speed (7 at the back and 3 at the front). Tektro V-brakes and RST 451 Forks which work perfectly. Rear spring is in great nick too.

Tyres are great and have plenty of wear left, as do the brakes, seat has a little split but the fabrics still tight and I doubt will need replacing.

The gears run smoothly and the bike has gripshift on the bars. Grips are like new too.

The bike has a few signs of cosmetic wear, couple of scratches which could be pretty easily sorted if you had the time, couple of the decals are a bit worn through cable rub,etc.

I think that's everything, the distance between the frame where the seat tube enters and the bottom bracket is 14" i think. the seat tube is pretty long so theres plenty of room for a range of kids to use this like.

Heres a couple of links to some more photos...


Just scroll down theres a couple of the bike and one of the scratch on the rear swing arm.

The bike was £400 new and I know it's old but its rare and a beauty, so I'm looking for £100 but I'm open to all offers.

Thanks for looking and dont hesitate to get in touch with me for any info!



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Nice bike,, well done for putting a price on the ad,,, but can you make sure you post in the correct forum please.. there's a good lad.. ;)


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I thought there would be loads of retrodads looking for a little retrobike for their kids! Still for sale if anyones interested, just make me an offer:)


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MaxBack, if you hover over the users profile, it shows when the poster was last online. This seller was last on the forum a decade ago. Hope that helps.