94 Dawes Special Ed


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It's been for sale for ages, the seller bought it fairly cheaply from ebay a while ago and looks like he's done a nice job of bringing it up to scratch but unfortunately it's collection only. I bid on the original auction which the current seller won and would be interested now if I hadn't have bought a 96 dawes edge in the mean time.

I'm always surprised how unloved Dawes are but surely this must be worth the current asking price?


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Pulled the trigger on this one. Not the Dawes I had growing up but figured it could be a surrogate. That was an xc expert that I have never seen another of for sale ever. I don't even have a single surviving photo of mine. although I have seen a google of one.

Epic monsoon journey to get her. Was surprised it didn't weigh as much as I was expecting tbh.

Just waiting for my little one to get off the balance bike and figured this would be an amusing dad bike to waft along next to her when she does.