For Sale 93 Marin Eldridge Grade with upgrades

Would anyone be interested in £500 for it as is plus all the original parts? (original back wheel has 3 stripped nipples).

I forgot to mention it has a new Chris King Headset too

It's all in the way now :D

I think I’m going to sell my Eldridge Grade…

I recently bought a Ritchey 29er frame set and it does everything I need, so can’t justify owning this bike too. It’s gorgeous!

I added a Royce titanium bottom bracket, middleburn chainset, flite saddle, dcd, x-lite bar ends, hope skewers and Chris King hub wheels/panaracer smoke/dart tyres

I’ll add more pics over the weekend, it’s currently at my folks house in north wales where I’m heading later.

I’ll bring it back to Derby, for collection or I can meet you for a fuel contribution. I’m heading to Swindon on Tuesday if anyone down that way is interested in it.

I’m looking for around £600 due to the upgrades. Can negotiate on price if there’s parts you’d like returning to standard. Might sell upgrades separate
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That is super nice, I had one at one time in the mid 90's but it got stolen from our shed, I was gutted.
right then, I've stripped all the upgrades apart from the Royce Ti Bottom Bracket and Chris King GripNut headset. The rear wheel needs 4 new spokes, not sure what happened but I've knocked £50 off for that.

Looking for £260 as is. If you're far away, we could agree on a meeting point for a fuel contribution. Or £180 with the original headset/Bottom Bracket


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The Chris King wheels have sold, so the bike with all the other upgrades, plus original parts is ow down to £280

Or I can sell the upgrades seperately.