Withdrawn 26” Nice shocks with disc and Canti bosses, QR. (grey, black, orange, yellow)


Marin Fan
As per the title I am having no luck with getting my dual stanchion X Vert R’s back together. Issue after issue and ending up buying more forks to try and save them.

So I’ve given up and want some working forks so that I can use my Marin Rock Springs!

1 1/8” head tube
190mm plus Steerer length
630/650mm Overall length
Travel?? 100mm+
Canti boss
Standard QR

Colour needs to match so grey, black or Orange ideally. I would like something fairly plush?

Good luck! 🤞😬
I have a nice set of magura odur forks. I bought them for a build but haven't had the time to make it happen and unlikely to now. They came to me missing the v mounts but I've sourced a new set. They are fully working, and in decent condition cosmetically, a few marks here and there to the lowers but uppers are clean as a whistle. They are black and have the dual bridge which looks pretty cool.

If of interest let me know and I'll grab some pics.
Thank you.
I think I will withdraw the request as the sort of thing I want looks to be worth £250 and the bike cost me very little.
I will fix up my x verts with some help on here I’m sure!
Plus I forgot I won a very cheap pair of Orange Manitou SC forks on eBay, which will ride me over.
Thank you once again 👍
What are you looking at that costs £250? Curious as I wasn't thinking anything like that for the odurs, and I'm sure if you have something specific in mind, it won't cost that on here unless it it something super rare and commands a premium.
I’ve seen some nice dual stanchion boxxers and SID race on eBay for £250 plus a few others for over £100.
I’ve also sunk money into my x verts so I really should get them going!
Try this thread. Looks to have a decent set of x-verts and might help you get yours sorted:

Try this thread. Looks to have a decent set of x-verts and might help you get yours sorted:

Thank you! I would love to just buy all that, seems a deal but my Mrs would go crazy! And I don’t think I have the time to split it out but I’m tempted. What a haul!