2002 Kona Lava Dome rebuild


Kona Fan
Hello everybody,

Last year I bought a Kona Lava Dome bicycle from year 2002.
I decided that I want to competely rebuild it.
There was some damage on the surface but these have been repaired.
It has taken a long time to choose the color of the frame.
Since the frame is same both 2002 and 2003 Lava Dome , only difference is the color, I opt for yellow.
In one word I chose year of 2003 version.
I sold about 99% of original parts, thenceforth I started to use components with high quality.
I wasn’t satisfied neither with original Rock Shox Judy TT. Instead of I would like a rigid fork.
I managed to buy a Kona P2 fork.
At the moment I am waiting for the stickers from Gil.
Here are some pictures. Please take this from me.


Kona Fan
It was like that




Kona Fan
Mattydoors":3j4isdig said:
Looking great and nice choice with the Ritchey.
Be interested to see the progress.

I'm waiting for some parts and decals. Really looking forward to...
But then I take pictures and build. :)