2001 GT DHI


Retro Guru
Another bike to ad to the collection, no idea when ill get them finished but this is one that will be high up on the list!

I saw it for sale on a fb group page in Canada for $400, being based In Australia I acted quick even spoke to guy selling it on the phone and he already had people on the way over (which was a bit crap of him in a way to invite multiple people to his house and sell it to the first person that got to it. By chance the guy I got put onto in Canada lived the next street over so walked over and bought it right there and then!

Big plans for this one starting with the shock as I know the fox RC is a much better more reliable fork but I am after a RS Pro Deluxe shock measuring 9" x 2.75 (so if anyone has a spare I am super keen.

Lots of other bit will be sold like the tyres, cranks and a few other bits so I can make a full Steve Peat Replica.