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Just picked this up. Frame, decals and fork all in excellent shape just DIRTY from over a decade in storage

Not sure yet in what direction I want to take this project. Not feeling the black rims and I'm thinking of ditching the Bomber and going rigid. Maybe one of those carbon forks with alloy crown. An On-One Superlight would be the dream or maybe a PACE RC31 but I never see those on this side of the pond. First things first, its time for her bath


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That's a good looking bike! I forgot these existed. I wonder if they inspired the design of the Mountain Cycle Moho?
Some new and repurposed bits. The finish on the Exotic fork is a really nice matte black so it will kind of hurt when I strip it to bare metal but I think color matching the fork to frame will look awesome. I have Marin fork decals on order that match the frame decals. Shooting for a restomod that will look factory to the untrained eye 20240422_144145.jpg 20240422_145835.jpg
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I used to cycle to work at a US bank in Canary Wharf. There was one of these locked up in the basement cycle area which didn't move in the six years I worked there. I guess someone rode it to work one day and decided they didn't fancy riding home again.

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