1995 M-Trax Ti3000


Dyna-Tech Fan
To cut a very boring long story short: Man nearing 40 (last year) finds bike identical bike to which he had aged 14 on Gumtree for £150. Looks to never have been off-road and still has the original reflectors, travels 200mls and buys it that day. It wasn't a hugely involving 'build' given how little use the bike had from new, it merely needed a rebuild, new decals and tyres, but it brings me such immense joy each time I clock it on the garage wall. Of late I've sourced a set of Wildgrippers and a Flite Ti for the mere cost of a liver and a set of limbs. I realise Wildgrippers weren't around when this bike was new but I had a set on mine in 96.

First race at Oxney Moss Borden, bike was 2 weeks old.

Those gorgeous UGLI forks only lasted a further 3 weeks until they bent forward from just below the crown. Replaced with a set of Bombers.


The bike as I collected in Nottingham w/OG Reflectors, Toe straps, Saddle which was binned and a random mirror on the bar end, ha!


This is after the rebuild and a set of the 'new' Panaracer tyres and a Specialized saddle which suited it but is a good 25yrs newer.


Naturally, this was a VERY big deal for me being a 14yr old back in 95. It came to light as my Dad sold a car to the owner of a bike shop and this was part of the very good deal he'd agreed to. We couldn't ever have been able to afford something like this. It was my absolute pride and joy but within 3yrs I'd snapped the seattube from too many sideways landings and abuse on the paper round.