1993 Black Yo Eddy

A bike there is absolutely nothing wrong with!

Rare to score something that good, with so few parts needed to be sourced, or changed.

Really really love the all black look, on a Fat especially.

The little pink ano touches sound horrific, but actually work really well here!
OP, what rims are those? Not gonna lie, I may need to do something similar for an old Stumpy Epic.
I wish I knew what they are, there. Was sone remnants of decals on them but not enough to identify. So I have no idea I’m afraid.
You already had a Yo Eddy w BOI forks. Why not build a Fat City Wicked and compare? Maybe a Wojcyk, also an east coast bike?
Finished. I’ll get sone swanky pictures soon, here’s a few quick ones.

Build as follows:
1993 Fat Chance Yo eddy with Yo Eddy Fork.
XT headset
Syncros Quill Stem
XTR M900 Brifters, front and rear derailleurs and cantilever brakes.
Cook Bros E Type crankset
XT pedals
Syncros Hardcore seatpost
Flite titanium Saddle
Cook bros seat quick release.
Chris King classic hubs with unknown pink rims and XT M737 cassette
Panaracer smoke and dart Tanwall tyres.
Pink Salsa flip off wheel skewers.

Weight is bang on 22.5lb with pedals.

Just done a quick lap round the block and it rides exactly as you'd expect; fast, nimble, racer and very intuitive.

91E46FCF-B41B-4CF0-A987-7D032E9644C8.jpeg E8CA905A-F43A-4438-BE09-C93B7770F0E2.jpeg 75F8A4B1-8969-497B-935C-1F8EBE3743B3.jpeg
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