1992 Off-Road Toad


BoTM Winner
A few years ago I managed to swap a few horses and in a long convoluted effort (with promises kept and goodwill flowing) I finally got it back home for me to tinker with.

My friend bought the bike new in 1992, and over the years made some unfortunate upgrades:

1992 Off-Road Toad by shamalama88, on Flickr

Still, a frame with potential for sure. 1992 tig welded Off-Road Toad.


BoTM Winner
Yes changes for the better are underway.

Long story short I sold the frame to Rumpfy in California, he had been looking for one for over a decade. He did an amazing build, rode it, and sadly came to the conclusion that it was a bit too large for him, and he kindly agreed to sell it back to me.

34017867516_7662c00738_k by shamalama88, on Flickr
photo credit: Rumpfy

However, it had to go to Colorado first for a visit to the Vintage MTB Workshop for a full photo spread.

http://www.vintagemtbworkshop.com/1991- ... -toad.html


BoTM Winner

I loved Rumpfy's build, it was pretty much flawless. And the Accutrax, IRD, Bullseye, and Cook Bros all make sense, as most of the high end parts of the day were sold in Mountain and Beach, Rod Kirkham's Vancouver BC store. But I wanted to add my own touch, and perhaps make it a bit more of a 'Canadian' bike. Started over with a blank canvas: 20" frame, 4 lb 5 oz, oversized Tange Prestige with an ovalized down tube, and replaceable machined aluminum rear dropouts.

20191025_210339 by shamalama88, on Flickr