1987 Ritchey Ascent Restoration


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Purchase thread here

Unfortunately the original paint was not salvageable. My powdercoater could have reproduced the fade but I like the white better. Have a "Handcrafted" sticker to avoid confusion. He did a good job.

Original rims didn't have much life in em, which is fine, the black will look cool and should be considerably lighter

About 90% sure I'll just put original components back on there but have enough to do a suntour build, which I've been thinking about

Build will include a few campy bits (headset, rims, skewers, front hub). Scored some Spesh flag cranks, just gotta polish em up and put some XT pedals on there

Have a couple of handlebar options. Haven't decided on tires yet.


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Fun with stickers. Not so much fun with pedals -- acquired some Spesh Flag cranks with craptacular "Wellgo" pedals fused in. Multiple freeze/heat cycles broke em loose, finally.

Wife caught me pulling them out of freezer. Note to self


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