1986 Slingshot


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You don't see many of these around, as a matter of fact, the only photo I could find of a 1986 Slingshot was of the one MOMBAT had.
I recently picked this one up and tried to bring it back to as close to period correct as I had parts for. It had a crazy mix of parts, Softride stem, XT thmbies, older Specialized wheelset and such. So, I took it apart, got the dust off and put it back together with parts I had in storage. Since I really dont know what the build would have been, if you have any suggestions please let me know. The saddle is from 86 and as much as I think a black saddle would look better, I am kinda digging the white. Also, the seatpost QR will be replaced by a Suntour or Shimano, whichever I find first. Cheers


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What an awesome machine! Love this era where MTB's specific groupsets weren't quite there yet so you had a nice mix of components.

Have always wanted to ride a Slingshot, but have never had chance and what a rare beast you have there!

I like the white saddle, I'd be tempted to powdercoat the Specialized stem white to match? Hite-Rite's always look spot-on on these period builds! :)


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Stunning bike.

I don't often lust after bikes these days, but that has got me lusty!

al. :)


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Put some tinsel on it, enter it into bike of the month - total win.

BOTY for me. Stunning. Love the patina, the bars, the saddle, the hite rite. Perfect.

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