1986 SBDU Tt frame

Wout van Aert

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Sure, the Dutch Panasonic team rode Big Ted's bikes in 1986; however, the British Raleigh-Weinmann team continued to use the white/red/blue/yellow livery that year, before becoming Raleigh-Banana.

Of course, the frame in the listing has had a recent respray, so could have been anything originally.

rusty bodie

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As stated above, you could order any paint scheme you liked as long as it was plain or a Raleigh team colour! We had some dreadful masking jobs from Raleigh back in the day and some furious customers too! :facepalm:

I bought my Services des Courses 753 in late '86 and played it safe and got the Panasonic paint job, lovely it was indeed.

Depending what your plans would be with a frame like this, I would say that the sky is the limit as to how much you should bid, regardless of it being resprayed or not. It's a genuine SBDU frame and very nice too.

It would look lovely just hanging on the wall..