1985 Ritchey Timberwolf


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I have had this for many years and looking to sell it to a guy here in the US but not sure of value. It was repainted long ago by the previous owner I would have to assume, Bicycle Specialties, don't think they painted for Ritchey back then. Full XT Deer Head group less the hubs. Has black anodized alloy bars installed and I do have the color matching stem for the bike that I will include. I don't see many of these for sale and when I do, the prices are crazy so is why I'm asking here. I want to be fair to the buyer and me of course. Any input will be appreciated and hopefully helps me put a price on this bike.


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Seems about right: you’d maybe get more at auction, but you are after a fair price. The last one I noticed on here was a couple of years ago, (more buoyant market but pre inflation) and sold easily for €1800:

Ritchey Everest 2022 sale
Thanks for confirming what I thought it is worth, I'm thinking $1500 because after talking with him he now wants this bike too, package deal. Any thoughts on price to put on the Fat? Yes it's a box crown fork on there.


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No clue on Fat's, looks far more expensive.
There are tons of people that can give you a valid evaluation.
This can be anywhere from 2000 freedom dollars to 3500?
Fork alone will do 800 I reckon.

Again, uneducated guess.