Wanted 1950’s drivetrain-n-wheelset

If you are happy with these I will find out shipping costs .
I can't find any cotter pins .I have included a pack of new ball bearings .

The pictures with the blue tags are old ones
There’s no braze-on’s anywhere, so I think I might end up going Campagnolo Gran Sport and a single band on shifter. Won’t be period but having done this on the Rotrax (‘53) it looks good and works lol
How about the single wire cyclo, fits on the axle, Screenshot_20240224-203227_eBay.jpg and then either the charming toptube lever, or the nicer little barend number
If you could find some in good condition, I'm sure they'd hold their value and you could sell that campy stuff to pay for it.
There's usually a few derailleurs and levers on ebay - but no need to pay collectors prices, just wait till one turns up in the right condition for auction. Cheaper and more interesting than GS👍