16" Marin Bear valley £55!!!


Dirt Disciple
£55 pick up from Nottingham only.

Way too small got it as a pub bike (just want my money back).

Good condition 1994

Please note it now has an exage front chainset (wanted the bigger rings)

Still have the stx without the outer ring will throw it in


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I am embarressed to have to say that I have let the buyer down. As some of you know I have often bought things a considerable distance from me. I do this if a for sale item happens to be near one of my pick ups or deliveries (I am a delivery driver). I have never had a pick up/delivery cancelled in 5 years until this week and for me to collect would mean I would now have to pay £40 fuel cost on top of the asking price. In future i shall only buy things that I can pick up myself in my own veicle and I am very sorry to the seller for letting him down.

Evening! Is this still for sale? Would you post it to sheffield? Ta!
Edit - just noticed no post sorry!! Might be able to pick up tho.