For Sale £7 + postage clearance


Retrobike Rider
Bunch of stuff needing to go, £7 per item +£3 postage up to 1 kg. (Will combine multiple items up to that weight).
Clockwise from left: 130mm lo-rise Tioga stem; 80mm hi-rise no-name 1 inch stem, good for drop bars; 70mm Outland hi-rise stem; Icon bar ends c.1999/2000.
2nd/3rd photo: No name pedals almost like new, smooth bearings; UN51 bb 68/110 very smooth but tiny amount of play discernable; 73/113 bb OEM on 2000 HookooEKoo, smooth, no play; STX front mech, 31.6 clamp; Shimano MC10 175 crank, good threads; big comfy Serfas gel saddle; canti front brake cable stop, n.o.s.
Elite purple anodised bottle cage.
Cateye & Specialized wired computers, need batteries but were working (counts as 1 item).


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So £10 you think? I’ll send £ now.
Please post to

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Why are we still posting our full buzinazz on the interwebz, even in DM's I don't understand.
Must be 30 years in IT.

Edit; Waiting for the "but I've got nothing to hide"
Hullo Mr Hamad, what is your mother's maiden name and your first pet's name pleasings! Only for authenticationingings. (I also don't mind National Insurance numberings too)
Better use yourmail (at) domain dot com (in this format)
I'm pretty anal about these things, but since were there, this is how I do 95% of my business.
Some people just don't care.

I'll shut up now.

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