1. joglo

    Catalogue 1993 Wheeler Catalogue

    Wheeler catalog for 1993, multi-language.
  2. joglo

    Catalogue 1999 Wheeler Catalogue (Polish)

    Wheeler catalog for 1999. Polish language.
  3. joglo

    Catalogue 1995 Wheeler Collection Brochure (Dutch)

    Wheeler catalog for 1995. Dutch language. Not sure if this is complete.
  4. joglo

    Catalogue 1994 Wheeler Brochure (German)

    Smaller Wheeler brochure for 1994. German Language.
  5. joglo

    Catalogue 1992 Wheeler Catalogue (German)

    Wheeler catalog for 1992. German language.
  6. joglo

    Catalogue 1991 Wheeler Catalogue

    Wheeler catalog for 1991. As this was a poster I have added both sides, and a few scans of detail pages.
  7. joglo

    Catalogue 1990 Wheeler Catalogue

    Wheeler catalog for 1990. It's a poster, I have added both sides and some detail scans of most interesting pages.
  8. joglo

    Catalogue 1989 Wheeler Catalogue (German)

    Wheeler catalog for 1989. German language.
  9. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1994 Wheeler Catalogue (German)

    Currently a German version.
  10. D

    For Sale Wheeler 9900 Team 1 1/4 threadless 16"

    For sale a Wheeler 9900 Team Easton bike in 16" size 26" Mavic + Shimano Deore LX wheels Shimano Deore LX groupset (pedals too) Maxxis and Bontrager tyres 1 1/4" (!) heedtube, DiaCompe headset Original Wheeler integrated stem-handlebar with Wheeler grips Two small damage on the bike: corner of...
  11. H

    1992 Wheeler 6600 Comp Line

    Hi, After finishing the Kona Explosif I had an empty feeling and naturally, I got myself a Wheeler 6600 to fill the void. I finished this already back in summer 2022, but managed to blog about it now. There are 2 videos embedded too ;) https://hannu.blog/2023/02/05/1992-wheeler-6600-comp-line/...
  12. N

    What the heck is this Wheeler bike?

    My Dad picked this up today. Any ideas what model it is and what year it’s from? Thanks
  13. Wheeler 1995 Spec 2.png

    Wheeler 1995 Spec 2.png

  14. Wheeler 1995 Spec 1.png

    Wheeler 1995 Spec 1.png

  15. Wheeler 1995 Prijslijst - Price list.png

    Wheeler 1995 Prijslijst - Price list.png

  16. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue Wheeler catalogues, adverts, articles and chat.

    What Wheeler stuff have you got? Adverts you can scan/use a scanning app on phone for photos etc. From mags, adverts etc. I have 4 catalogues going up at some point (92 to 95), so anything else out there?
  17. rollingpoetry

    Let me see some Wheeler!

    Let me start with my collection: Best regards from Hungary! :)