1. MuchAlohaNui

    Manual 1993/94 Specialized Bicycle Owner Handbook & New Bike Information

  2. M

    1994 Specialized Rockhopper comp, first upgrades

    Hello, I want to share my flea market find. I bought it for $150, bike is in perfect condition, but it turned out to be too small for me, so I made some alterations I replaced the stem with a high-rise BBB stem and the handlebars with Funn Full On bars Since I hate grip shifters, I took...
  3. billygoat

    Sold 1996 Voodoo Hoodoo, steel frame

    I've got a 1996 Voodoo Hoodoo up for sale. I believe it's a 16", comparable to a S/M, but I've ridden it comfortably with the seat up (5'10"). Good condition, everything functions well. Original owner. This was a steel frame bike built by Joe Murray. If you haven't ridden one, they're incredibly...
  4. B

    Sold 1993 Specialized Rockhopper Custom Build 20"

    Hey all, Selling my 1993 Rockhopper in purple/blue metallic fade. Built for the ex and had sat in the she shed for years now gathering dust. The frame is great condition with that beautiful 90's fade. Full spec below, can get more pictures upon request. Direct Drive full butted CrMo frame...
  5. B

    Sold 1990 Specialized Rockhopper Sport 20"

    Reluctant to sell but has to go, my 1990 Rockhopper Sport, perfect condition for it's age. Again like alot of the bikes I'm posting they have been kept in dry storage hung up in the shed, and will be sold cleaned/polished and serviced. Direct Drive Tange Off Road CrMo frame Direct Drive CrMo...
  6. C

    1997 Specialized Rockhopper South Downs ride

    I always wanted to try South Downs Way on a bike and had this Rockhopper bought earlier for £50. Just wondered if the bike or me will crack first . Also you don’t see them a lot used as MTB. Upgraded the handlebar to an adventure one, added rear rack and changed tyres to slightly wider Nobbly...
  7. Q

    Wanted 110mm BCD 5 arm 38T middle chainring for '92 Rockhopper

    Looking for a black (preferable) 38T chainring to suit '92 Rockhopper I've worn the teeth on my current one such that is slips a lot. :(
  8. MojoDave

    1989 Specialized Rockhopper Comp

    Hi, I moved to London in 2000 and bought this Rockhopper for transport, £80. Replaced with a Marin Alpine Trail in 2004 when I moved to Kent, and has been mainly gathering dust in the back of various sheds until last month. It needed new cables and I picked up the front wheel from Ebay...
  9. S

    Help identifying the year/spec of Specialized Rockhopper.

    I recently picked up a mid-90s specialised Rockhopper for a very good price. I am planning a restoration, but before starting I have been trying to identify the year and model/spec. I would welcome some help! From my research so far (including checking the frame number against some useful...
  10. W

    Specialized Rockhopper

    I recently picked this 88 up for $300. Quite pleased with the condition. Making a few changes. Handlebars, brake shoes, tires, cables, grips and a fresh chain are on deck. Purchased from the original owner from Facebook marketplace. At first I thought maybe I was overspending. I plan...
  11. A

    Looking for Specialized Rockhopper decals

    Hey, I'm restoring an old rockhopper I picked up from ebay. The frame has areas of rust, and I can't find paint to color correct those areas, so having to repainting it. The issue is, I really like the decals that are on it, and can't find replacements. Not so much the big ones, but those...
  12. C

    1986 Specialized Rockhopper

    Been doing some research on this bike and can find little information about the bike. It has been said that it was the first year of the Rockhopper. Their is contradictory information saying 1985 was the first year? I am unable to find a catalog or manuals for this year. So far as I can tell it...
  13. C

    Which bike to convert to Gravel?

    So I am wanting to try converting an old mountain bike to a gravel bike. Some of my concerns include reach because going to gravel bars from flat will effect handling, and the second big concern is tire size. The two bikes I have to choose from are a 1992 Gary Fisher Sphinx 700c tires or a 1990...