muddy fox

  1. spatuluk

    For Sale 1988 Muddy Fox Courier

    I have to admit defeat.. my garage is full of bike, and I no longer have the health to ride them, so it's selling up time! First up is my 1988 Muddy Fox Courier, which is unusual in that it's technically a Tushingham B52 wearing red trousers and someone else's name badge. It still pretty...
  2. W

    1987 Muddy Fox Courier original condition

    Unrestored condition. Just needs a good clean and service
  3. G

    Muddy fox alu laser for sale

    Details found here: For sale: muddy fox bike in original condition needs new tyres, breaks and handle grips due to age of material bought around 2000, and used occasionally each year
  4. joglo

    Catalogue 1987 Muddy Fox Catalogue (maybe incomplete)

    Some geometric pictures of a Muddy Fox brochure and price list from 1987 For more details please do see
  5. M

    Do you know this Muddy Fox ?

    Hi ! I found this bike a few days ago : a Muddy Fox Alu Ultimate (early 80's ?). I haven't been able to find informations about it, can you help me ? Specs : - Suntour Front and rear derailleurs and thumbshifter - Dia Compe cantis, U-brake et levers - Muddy Fox stem and bar - Joytech front hub...
  6. B

    Wanted Muddy Fox Yellow Explorer

    Preferably yellow and big as possible, I'm most comfortable on 22+ but will consider smaller. UK Based. Thank you!
  7. Gtpulse

    Muddy Fox 1984

    Thought this was super cool when it came up on eBay. Guilt free spending of my TopCashback funds! Landed through the letterbox this morning. I’ve not seen any printed Muddy Fox stuff this early before. The date is definite - on the form at the end of the first part it states “prices valid until...
  8. swannymere

    Muddy Fox Mountaineer female version

    On Facebook Marketplace in Hassocks £30 definitely looks worth a punt.
  9. MainlyMF

    For Sale Muddy Fox Courier Prestige

    Muddy Fox Courier Prestige, 20" (centre to centre, bottom to top) Lovely condition for age. All decals except for one on one seat stay almost perfect. Black/ brown paint with gold speckled in nice condition with a few chips here and there and some surface rust spots in places but being...
  10. MainlyMF

    Wanted Muddy Fox Saddle

    Looking for a Muddy Fox saddle, ideally either style shown in the pictures. Any condition considered.. cheers! 🙏
  11. MainlyMF

    Late 80's, 1986/7 Muddy Fox Catalogue?

    Anyone got a late 80's,1986/7 Muddy Fox Catalogue? With frame/ sizing dimensions in? Trying to find frame dims/ Spec. of a 21.5" & 23" Courier.🙏
  12. Stressed

    Catalogue Muddy Fox Catalogue 95

  13. Stressed

    94 Muddy Fox Monarch Ultra