1. obi-wan-mtb

    Sold NOS TWP Magura HS22 CNC Brake levers NEW

    NOS TWP Made in the USA CNC Brake Levers for Magura HS22/HS33 BLACK (Pewter set for reference - sold separately) Price: 100 GBP Shipping to UK (from Netherlands): 12 GBP (I can declare lower value ;-) )
  2. C

    Sold MAGURA HS22 Raceline NEON full set from 1993

    full neon magura raceline set from 1993. asking 100€ plus shipping
  3. C

    Sold ROND WP Ø1 1/8" Headset black

    rare rond wp (gues they had sth to do with magura) headset. more known for their niche sus-forx. asking 45€
  4. C

    Sold ROND WP Rebel Forks black CNC Magura

    letting go this rather rare rond wp rebel forks. they go up and down and don't leak. the Ø1 1/8" steerer is effectivly 20cm long but not cut straight yet. pretty sure the company had sth to do with magura or was even owned by magura. steerer tube can also be exchanged since it's bolted. asking...
  5. C

    Sold MAGURA NEON John "Johnny" Tomac Brakes HS22 HS33 neon orange f+r

    isn't is grey outside? magura hs22 or hs33 in vgc. john tomac neon orange edition. asking 150€ plus parcel.
  6. C

    Sold MAGURA HS33 RACELINE in neon yellow f+r set

    magura neon hs33 set. later version with the slim levers. color is still eye catching, lever a bit faded. asking 130€ plus shipping.
  7. Bytesex

    1991 Merlin Elevator rebuild

    I am rebuilding my old Merlin and thought I could document it here. The bike has been ridden a lot in the 90s and noughties. Across the Alps and at home. Current look:
  8. CROB

    '96 Giant Terrago, Euro Aluminium Model

    Posting some pics of a recent build. Frame is a 1996 Giant Terrago, aluminium model. This one is from the Netherlands I believe, but not been able to find the catalogue entry for it yet. Most of the parts have been swapped out to build it up to LX overall, including hubs, cranks, derailleur...
  9. C

    Sold BLACK FRIDAY MAGURA Hydrostop Mountain full f+r set – early Magura version

    got this rare early magura hydrostop mountain set laying around for quite long now. wysiwyg. all parts complete ;) one hose cut ;( great round early quick release design. asking 120€ 80€ plus shipping
  10. voteforpedro

    Wanted Magura HS22/HS33 Brake Boosters (pair)

    Looking for a pair of Magura brake boosters. Ideally neon race line boosters, no matter what the condition. Would also consider non race line ones as I know they´re really hard to find. Also having the mounting bolts would be very helpful.
  11. C

    Reduced MAGURA HS33 NEON orange John "Johnny" Tomac full Set f+r

    neon magura hs33 "johnny". the camera has no chance to display this. just imagine a neon vest ;) full set wysiwyg asking 180€ plus shipping.
  12. C

    Sold MAGURA 10th Anniversary CNC Edition with red ano Altek levers

    letting go this complete brake set. this edition comes with original braided hoses and red anodized altek cnc levers. fully working, all small parts included. was only available in 1996. asking 200€ plus shipping
  13. C


    these brakes have never been mounted, but stored forever in that box. the original magura mounting kit is inclusive. two pads are missing. the original booster are not there. instead i'll add the two shown grey ones – taken from the similar hs24 silverfox. 160€ plus shipping, swap trades...
  14. C

    Sold NOS NEON Magura Horseshoe Booster

    never mounted strong neon magura booster. asking 50€ plus shipping
  15. C

    Sold MAGURA RACELINE D full set

    i'm reducing :cool: letting go these magura raceline hs 22 or 33. D! (for some reason) complete including all parts. asking 150€ plus shipping.
  16. T

    For Sale Yeti 575 2007 Chris King XT

    Hey y'all. Selling my 2007 (ish) 575, size large. £575 Magura Wotan 160mm forks Shimano SLX hydraulic brakes Shimano XT chainset Sram X series groupset Chris King headset Chris King rear hub on Mavic 321 Hope front on Mavic 321 Full working order, just had a brake and gear service. Scuffs...
  17. D

    For Sale Santa Cruz Cushtail

    Santa Cruz cushtail bike (2003) £400 no offers due to rarity and condition of frame and components. Size small but is set up for a taller rider which can be adjusted to suit the smaller I would say size small to medium. Hope head set X-lite seat clamp(very rare and £40 secondhand on...
  18. F

    For Sale new 960's XTR, Crankbrothers CobaltSL, SKF, Columbus Genius frame, XT, LX...

    Some projects have been evaluated, so some items may go. I'm offering: Nice XTR-960 group with Crankbrothers CobaltSL crankset with SKF BCX-600 bottom bracket. The top group from Shimano from around 2007. Light, strong brakes. The front derailleur and crankset have been used for a very short...
  19. Martin C

    For Sale Magura HS33 Race-Line D and Grip Shift SRT800 Xray

    Same as my other parts for sale these two items are also "well-used"! Magura Race-Line D with red adjustment dial. Hoses are stiff, and they probably need some bleeding. without pads. One Quick release ( do not know where the other one has gone) 2 Magura washers. 1 red adjustment dial has...
  20. C


    kept these parts quite a while for a project to appear, but so far nothing needed that amount of yellow :LOL: wheels are true and really loud. the mavic m231 rims are light but have eyelets. brake surfaces are good. brakes are incomplete and should be serviced, but quite rare in this yellow...