1. G

    For Sale Biondi crimped profile tubing road frameset ST CT 56cm TT 55cm

    Before 1991 when Ciocc founder Giovanni Pelizzoli retired and passed his business to his long-time apprentices, Stefano Bonati, Cesare Biondi and Biffi Giuseppe. Biondi was making custom order frames for road and track applications. To this day there is very limited information about the frames...
  2. G

    For Sale 90s Bianchi For Sale

    Hi Folks, I restored this Bianchi and it's now time for it to go to a home where the owner has more time to ride it. 56, campagnola group set, Corus gearset and mirage breaks. Wheels were hand made by legendary wheel maker "Big Al" at Milton of Campsie. Photos show true condition of bike. The...
  3. P

    Mtb Titanium - Columbus Hyperion

    Hi everyone, I found this old frame of a bottecchia mtb (Italian brand) 883T. It is a very rare discovery because it was made of titanium, more precisely in Columbus Hyperion. It should be from 1994/1995. It was never commercialized, so I think it's a numbered chassis (N.9) for the team, but I'm...
  4. Quotama

    Cervelo Prodigy. 48cm Based on the description it is not in the best condition parts wise, but the frame looks reasonable. Price is insanely low. I have no experience with this user, but...
  5. V

    For Sale Ernie Clements 58cm Hanbuilt Touring bike, Columbus Cromor tubing Nitto, Simplex, Shimano Parts

    Ernie Clements 58cm lightweight tourer. An incredibly rare late 90s/early 00's Clements tourer with fluted Columbus Cromor tubing, this tubeset was only briefly made and even less common in the UK than Europe. The bike was built bespoke for the previous owner in Ernie's shop and (visibly) has...
  6. A

    For Sale Hinde M3

    Retro Hinde M3 aluminium mountain bike. Genuine 'barn-find' condition. XT groupset, carbon bars and seatpost. 16" from centre of BB to centre of top tube. Looking for a new home with a bike enthusiast as I need to free up some space. Edinburgh City centre and would rather not ship but may do at...
  7. Crispybike

    For Sale Colnago VIP 2000 Alloy / Carbon Road Frameset Columbus Altec

    For those interested. Sold without wheels. Contact me for more details, info. Size: 56 Price: 700 € + shipping
  8. L

    Frame Brand ID, Help

    Hello I just bought this frame a few weeks ago, can anybody help me identify the brand or something about it, I'll apriciety it a lot. Thanks everyone :)
  9. Peuf

    I need help to identify this Colombus Concorde frame

    Hello everyone, I got this nice concorde frame but I can't find the model, it looks like it's been badly painted over in black so I can't pinpoint the original paintjob, maybe all yellow? There is a Columbus sticker (very damaged) but same can't pinpont what kind of tubing it is, seatpost size...
  10. B

    For Sale Olmo Road Bike size 57x58 ctc

    Lovely Italian road bike from the late 80's early 90's with relatively newer components. Got the frame in Italy last year but not my size so moving on. Specs include: Columbus 3 tubi Aelle steel tubing with some battle scars showing (shown in pictures) but nothing structural. Olmo pantographed...
  11. C

    For Sale Tommasini Tecno Columbus Genius Frame Set

    Tommasini Tecno Frame Set 90's Size 55x55cm cc Columbus Genius Frame1980g Fork 660g Chromed frame and lugs Shipping from Holland Paypal only €650,- excluding shipping
  12. B

    For Sale wtd: 56-58cm 80's/90's Steel Road Frameset

    Looking for a near mint frameset for a modern groupset on an old frame project. Ideally professional grade Columbus tubing i.e SLX, SL or similar in Reynolds, Oria etc.. Preferred size 56/57cm ctc but will entertain 58 ctc Looking for something simple and pristine, preferably a lighter colour...
  13. O

    Concorde Colombo Vintage Road Bike Columbus Shimano PDM Marco Sean Kelly Eroica

    Concorde Colombo Vintage Road Bike Columbus Shimano PDM Marco Sean Kelly Eroica On Ebay
  14. Tricky1977

    For Sale Non Retro Brand New gloss white Ritchey Comp WCS reversible 120mm stem + Random Columbus decals

    Uk only please due to brexit Not really retro sorry but I need to raise funds for more retro parts (or happy to swap!). Both brand new, unfitted. UK postage and F&F please or pay for the extra fees, thanks Sold to AntioneV Lovely “wet” white 31.8 Ritchey Comp flat bars at £12 delivered...
  15. A

    For Sale Concorde Columbus - 50 - Dura Ace for sale
  16. S

    WANTED: Reynolds 531 or Columbus road bike 51/52cm

    Wanted: Reynolds 531 or Columbus frame - open to make: 51/52cm Good working condition / ideally refurbished with bar shifters
  17. Crispybike

    Sold Atala Frame Vintage Frameset Steel Road Bike Columbus Gara 56 cm + Miche Headset

    Atala Frame Vintage Frameset Steel Road Bike Columbus Gara 56 cm + Miche Headset + Campagnolo Mirage Bottom Bracket Size 56 Seat Tube C-t 57.5Cm Top Tube C-c 56Cm Down Tube From Bb To Center 64Cm Head Tube 14Cm Italian Thread Bb Seatpost Diameter: 26.4 mm Headset: Miche Headset - English...
  18. lavenell

    For Sale Sirocco Columbus Frameset

    £350 inc. posted with ParcelForce 48. Looking to free up some space, I've got a Sirocco Frameset that I've researched to either be SP or SPX lying about. The main tubes of the frame are fluted, quite unusual and a really nice feature, the forks are profiled too. Built in Belgium and previously...
  19. C

    Withdrawn Tommasini Tecno Frame Road Bike Steel Vintage 55x55 Columbus Genius 90s

    Tommasini Tecno Frame Set 90's Size 55x55cm cc Columbus Genius Frame1980g Fork 660g Chromed frame and lugs
  20. F

    '93 Peugeot Team Line 2000 autopsy

    Dear RBers, Please find in the following posts the autopsy of my 100% catalogue specs (including the tires and inner tubes!) '93 Peugeot Team Line 2000 MTB. As usual, since English is not my mother tongue, feel free to correct my sentences, spelling, grammar, etc. Thanks! Frame: Peugeot...