1. V

    1995 Cannondale M2000

    I was able to buy a started project from a friend in the hobby, as he had to reduce the number of bikes. The 1995 M2000 is the last fully rigid flagship model, as the top of the rigid range was M900 after this. Seems to be fairly rare bike, as supposingly sales turned towards F-models in the mid...
  2. V

    Cannondale M600 1994, heritage build of 1998

    My first project (built 2020) in one piece. An 1994 M600 was stolen from me 1998. It was a bike that I had bought and built with summerjob wages. In my opinion this was one of the most beautiful Cannondale frames of the nineties, of course wery objective view. And now it was time to build a...
  3. DrGooGoo

    1986 Cannondale SM600 24x24

    Inspired by this months BoTM!
  4. S

    Cannondale killer v stem

    Recently purchased this Cannondale killer v. I wanted to put the original stem back on the bike. However the bolt seems to just spin forever and doesn’t get tight. Wondering if anyone can give advice on how to fix.
  5. Vitalcorn

    1999 Cannondale F700 Volvo blue Rescue

    Hello again ! (not for the purists sorry) While doing my second project ( I rescued a Cannondale frame + fatty from the bin for 30€. Fatty was dead and the paintjob not good at all so I left the...
  6. Brotrob

    Wanted Where can one find THAT stem?

    Hey dear Retro Bike community, I am looking for this stem, it's a steel one, used by Cannondale in the early 90s, e.g. on the M600, M700, M800 1993 and also on some early M900, M2000 and M500 in 1995. Its 130 - 135 or so mm, and has only one screw at the handle bar, and also one only at the...

    Wanted Fatty 70 in Red

    hello again friends! I am looking for a red fatty 70 in good condition for my cannondale f2000, I am only interested in red. I can also offer as change or part of payment an unused yellow fatty d, with very few storage marks, I could also offer a black p-bone D, this is not new but it is in...
  8. C

    For Sale GREY CANNONDALE PEPPERONI 1 1/4" fork – Made in USA

    selling three of these early lightweight forks. all have 1 1/4" steerer. the grey and greenfaded are threaded, the black one is ahead. they're all quite leightweight. edit: only the grey one is available now. shipping extra. grey pepperoni fork with no brake bosses 60€ steerer...
  9. C


    i have 3 cannondale pepperoni forks, but since they all feature Ø1 1/4" tubed steerers i can't use them. each is very light. the black is ahead, the grey and the beaten greenfaded one not. i'd like to sell or swap, but what's the value of such forks? thx a lot in advance took some pepperoni...
  10. C

    Sold CANNONDALE KILLER V500 Large plus original P-Bone F+F VGC

    rare opportunity. this frame set has had only one owner and was always kept inside. it has only few traces of usage and neither a dent nor chainsuck. the gorgeous paint which is either called moss green or black gold turns out to be a hardy picturable deeep dark green with metallic gold glitter...
  11. A

    Karma Cannondale Delta/Killer V frame

    This was very kindly included in a purchase made from @Spanky22b recently. While it's a cool frame, it's probably one too many to have awaiting a build, so offering up here. Was free to me, so similarly free to anyone who wants. Based in Cheltenham, and would prefer collection, but if you...
  12. R

    Wanted Cannondale Headshok Moto 120 hub???

    Hi everyone, Has any one got any components for a Headshok Moto 120 fork available for sale or donation?! I am particularly keen to find a Coda Moto 120 hub and matching axle. it’s for an old Cannondale Super V free ride restomod. Any takers?
  13. O

    Cannondale Caad 3 Primera, Vintage Bike

    Cannondale Caad 3 Primera, Vintage Bike On Ebay
  14. B

    Sold 1992 Cannondale M1000 frame

    Just the facts: A Cannondale M1000 3.0 series mountain frame from 1992 in Sahara Gold, size 15”. 130 GBP + postage. Any questions, comments, anything, let me know. Thanks for looking.
  15. DrGooGoo

    1986.5 Cannondale SM600

    Picked up this frame for 60$ US. The serial number indicates that it was made in 1986, but it is painted in a 1987 color. I did some research. This one came out in the second half of 1986. The ones in this color that came out in 1987 had some graphics painted on the seat tube. In the second...
  16. O

    Cannondale Saeco Road Bike Shimano Ultegra 105 Slice Forks Original Cap Vintage

    Cannondale Saeco Road Bike Shimano Ultegra 105 Slice Forks Original Cap Vintage On Ebay
  17. T

    For Sale 1997 Cannondale Super V 500 VGC size medium Fade Red/Mango £350

    I live in Northants and would like collection or possibly meet up only Very good or near mint condition as you can see from the pictures I would like £400 . Both front headshock and rear forks work fine. In original condition obviously had very little use. I bought earlier this year as I...
  18. C

    CODA CNC one piece cranks 502M from 1996

    hi, i got this amazing cnc piece. cannondale choose to drill the rings and spider from one alloy block in '96. what an effort :oops: since i won't ride them, what's todays value?