1. C

    Cannondale CAAD2

    I’m looking to sell my 1998 CAAD 2 and I’ve not seen any for sale. Does anyone know what it would be worth?
  2. C

    Sold CANNONDALE KILLER V 800 X-Large + P-BONE greeeeen F+F in VGC Springtime's coming....;)

    no, it just looks like, but you won't camouflage away with this one. yes, i do have a very sweet spot for killer veees. and this set even is in my rare size, but i cannot keep everything (nonetheless letting go this set does hurt. well, what can i say? this is a gorgeous killer v xl frame with...
  3. C

    Sold CANNONDALE CAAD2 16" red lightweight eyecatcher frame like M500 M900 etc. – Handmade in USA

    i've been looking for such a frame for quite a while now, since it's lightweight, timeless design and suits my better half. now i found a more decent colored donor bike in that very size and even with color matching forks. long story short: this one can go. i do like the patented smooth welds...
  4. BDD

    For Sale 1991 18" Cannondale M1000 Frame + Pepperoni rigid forks

    Hi All I've a 1991 (checked the serial on Vintage Cannondale site) 18" frame and Pepperoni forks. Not in the greatest of conditions but I rode it for years and it was a light, rigid thing of wonder. I took all the bits off it and transplanted (with lots of help from LBS) onto a larger M2000...
  5. H

    For Sale Cannondale M800 Beast of the East/ Shimano LX/ Girvin

    Cannondale M800 Beast of the East In original spec to the date released around 1993.. recently dug out of shed after being sat for many years. I have gone over everything, and got it running smooth ish, feel like the wheel bearings could do with a re vamp on the front and back and headset...
  6. C

    For Sale now on ebay – WHEELS space gain sale – Hügi Ibis T-Gear XTR M900 Mavic Rando

    since my cave get's narrow quickly, i'll start this bulky stuff sale – frames and wheels. if you look for a winter build i can add several tc parts, just ask. measurements are usually pictured ;) all threads are good and i tried to picture all details, the only potential issue is the mavic bb...
  7. E

    For Sale MINT/NEW Coda Magic M900 Cranks with BB

    MINT / NEW CODA MAGIC 900 Cranksets CNC Machined Including 73mm cups Threaded BB and bearings Including titanium bolts to assemble the cranks °° Worldwide Shipping Available °° PRICE: 480€
  8. stephan

    Cannondale M800 (Light Project)

    New Project starting for over Christmas. 1994 Cannondale M800 (Beast of the East) I bought one of those new back in 1994 after a car crash, this was to get me back on my feet again after a fractured femur that occurred during the crash. I sold the bike in 1996 for around £350 - I paid around...
  9. D

    For Sale £500 ONO Y2K Cannondale R600, Dura-Ace, Cinelli, Coda

    More Photos I did this bike up last year, and have ridden it a total of maybe 1 mile, cause it turns out, it's really not what i'm into. But man did I restore the hell out of it. All parts stripped and cleaned and oiled and reassembled. Details: Size 56 frame, carbon forks, original paint...
  10. C

    Sold CODA 700 wheel set for Cannondale Hubs by Sachs silver 28/32° MAVIC 221 Caad

    silver coda labeled sachs made wheel set with 28 spoke front and 32 spoke rear wheel. mavic x221 rims. lightweight true wheels. sachs is written on both hubs. asking 70€ plus shipping. happy to ship anywhere.
  11. Theollygee

    For Sale Mid 90s Cannondale Killer V - 20” Frame - Immaculate Condition

    I bought this beautiful bike a week ago and unfortunately I’m going to have to sell it. I should have been thinking about buying new tools and moving house but I could not walk away from owning this, however briefly. It’s in near perfect condition for a bike of this age, a truly rare find. £650...
  12. M

    Help me id this alu Cannondale?

    I found this aluminium cannondale for sale locally and I'm trying to ID the model to figure out if it's worth 150£ XT hubs, XTR 3x9 drive.
  13. Vesatoro

    Manual Cannondale Force 40 plus brake cam

    How to setup and trouble shoot the Cannondale Force 40 brake cam system.
  14. Vesatoro

    Manual Cannondale CODA Magic crankset and bottom bracket

    Courtesy to Zella Rayne Alternative version here courtesy of @My_Teenage_Self
  15. obi-wan-mtb

    Sold NEW / NOS Coda Magic M900 CNC cranks full set with BB

    NEW / NOS Coda Magic Cranks with 44-32-22 CNC machined CODA chainrings 175mm compact MINT / NEW take-off CODA Magic BB with rare 73mm cups with butter smooth bearings Including the oh so needed special titanium bolts to mount the crank arms USED The special CODA tool for smooth installation of...
  16. J

    For Sale CAD3 Saeco Edition whole bike 54cm

    Cannondale CAD3 Saeco edition in full original and excellent condition. 54cm frame Full original Shimano 105 groupset. Time carbon fork A rare and collectible bike. For collection in Bristol Price £470
  17. C

    For Sale CANNONDALE CAAD5 Size 60 R900si Ice Fade Flatbar Speedbike Ritchey Ultegra straight forks carbon cranks (Profile Design) and post

    i'm letting her go. she's fast, light and quite eye-catching. frame size 60cm (62 measured to c-t). really fun to ride. the frame is handmade in usa (!) and features the patented smooth welding, pyramid downtube and so on... carbon straight forks are newish. so are the cables. the ice fade paint...
  18. C

    Sold 16" CANNONDALE M500 F+F frame set with P-bone straight forks 1996 moss green with sparkles

    i'm letting go these projects. my cave is too full. both the frame sets don't have dents and chainsuck. handmade in usa! the matte violett 18" set is in vgc. the smaller 16" moss green set has more patina and cablerub at the forks. moss green is a great paint, but not easy to picture since it...
  19. samc

    Sold URGENT Cannondale Scalpel 3000 with XTR / Carbon Lefty / Fox Float / Magic

    THE SALE IS NOT URGENT, THE BIKE IS! AAARGHHHHH LOOK HOW URGENT IT IS OMG OMG OMG OMG Do you want to SOAR like an EAGLE? Do you have tiny wind-resistant eyes TOO?! Well, for a miniscule let's say £700 posted, you can have this absurdly over-specced retro cult icon and be worshipped in the...
  20. K


    Hi all, I’m looking for some help / advice. My father was previously an avid user of retrobike under the name Kirbdug and had a small collection. Unfortunately in December he passed suddenly leaving behind some of his mountain bikes. I’ve little knowledge of the bikes, mostly because one...