1. joglo

    Catalogue 1991 Scott Catalogue

    Another Scott 1991 brochure, release End of 1990. This includes also a nice page about the Composites Frames called CMR (very likely Kestrel frames, those had been sold later in some markets as Scott Galena CMR). The quality/resultion isn't good but better than nothing.
  2. valleyman

    For Sale Selle Italia Flite Titanium Black Saddle 1991 Reduced

    Selle Italia Flite Titanium black saddle leather from 1991 in very good conditions (please see pics, some superficial scratches that i try to take on pictures), slightly used, intact labels (red label), frame and rails in very good conditions. 110 -->100 Euros Price is in Euros without shipping...
  3. joglo

    Catalogue 1991 Wheeler Catalogue

    Wheeler catalog for 1991. As this was a poster I have added both sides, and a few scans of detail pages.
  4. joglo

    Catalogue 1991 Gary Fisher Catalogue (incomplete)

    1991 Catalog, most likely a more wider portfolio for US market. Quality of scans is only moderate, and some page are missing, unfortunately. 2 to 3 pages covering models Supercaliber, Hoo-Koo-E-Koo, Montare, Advane and Gemini are missing. As here in forum a few times there had been requests...
  5. C

    Sold 1991 GT 2x4 forx'n stem daktari white with headset and damaged Avalanche 16" frame

    i've moved her enough from side to side, guess i need to let go. what's the issue? beside the nice 2x4 forks with long dropouts and bolts, short gt flipflop stem and the gt labeled lock nut the frame has its problems. the frame has a small crack at the lower left end of the slot in the seat...
  6. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1991 Suntour Bicycle Components Catalogue

    Suntour 1991 See Discussion for more, not as easy to find stuff as the archive as they are just page names and not descriptions of the page. scanned by @FluffyChicken Download link is to the Pdf version.
  7. DynaCol

    Catalogue 1991 Raleigh Dyna-Tech Catalogue

    Scan of 1991 Raleigh Dyna-Tech catalogue, bit chewed in one corner but otherwise 35 pages of Dyna-techy goodness
  8. A

    Wanted Marin Team 1991 neon color

    Hello RetroBike Lover. Hello, I'm looking for the legendary team Marin 1991 in neon color. I've been around the world with this bike but someone stole it from me. This bike is emotional for me. Thank you for your help. On the pic it was my bike.
  9. T

    91 Marin Pine Mountain

    Does anybody know the RAL numbers for the neon green, neon green and neon Yellow on a 1991 Pine Mountain?
  10. br0qn

    Boy, that escalated quickly - '91 ehhh '88 Merlin Mountain

    I had planned to post a follow up to my just created '92 marin team issue thread with a just purchased (soon to arrive) '92 orange clockwork. If you read the marin thread you'll know that bike will be my first as an adult and the first I've owned since ~2000. It's a frameset sitting next to a...
  11. GeneralOsik

    1991 Cannondale SM800 Beast Of The East

    I just picked up this 1991 SM800 Beast of the East. This is my first Cannondale, and I'm excited to finally dip my toes in this side of vintage mountain biking! I just finished a restoration on a 1991 Trek 990, and I told myself I didn't need another black and orange '91 vintage mountain bike...
  12. Hairylegs66

    Sold 1991 GT Karakoram Inferno (£550)

    Up for sale is my 1991 GT Karakoram. With the exception of the ti handlebars, Onza ti bar ends and Syncros seat post, all the components on this frame were replaced with new or new old stock items. I built this up to ride and not to hang on the wall, hence the upgraded components over a standard...
  13. procaliber91

    Gary Fisher '91 Procaliber

    Hi everyone, this is my '91 Procaliber. A wonderful bike that I bought new in '93 (I still have the original touch-up paints, obviously dry). It's amazing how understated this bike is. It was built with Gary Fisher spec Tange Prestige Ultralight tubing, with gorgeous rear dropouts and a...
  14. Thias

    Scott catalogues...

    Hi there. I am wondering. Why is there not a single Scott catalogue in the archives? I have attatched a few I have on my drive, ranging from 89 to 99. Maybe someone could add them to the archive at some point? Cheers!
  15. C

    Sold AVOCET RACING 1 KONA branded leather saddle from 1991

    beautiful and rare saddle. asking 75€ or swaps (still searching for a black left 170mm fc-m730 arm, a silver syncros post in Ø27,2mm and a dark mavic m281 cd 36° rim to match with mine)
  16. GT Karakoram 1991

    GT Karakoram 1991

    Deore LX groupset DX rear derailleur & u-brake
  17. GeneralOsik

    1991 Trek 990

    I bought this bike almost exactly 3 years ago, for only $15, at my regular thrift store. Here is the bike right before purchase, at the check out counter. Here it is after I got it home. It was filthy, well used, and had some parts upgraded at some point. I immediately noticed the different...
  18. M

    A 91 Gt Xizang Le, finished P5

    Pick this up yesterday (4hr round trip) it was listed on here in the for sale section a few weeks ago. a 1991 GT Xizang Le, all original decals and a scratch free frame even the drive side chainstay. I have a 1990 Canadian built first year (for a full titanium framed Xizang) I built this as...
  19. boy"O"boy

    New for 92. Show reports from Nov 91 MBUK / MBi

    Hi all. Another set of scans from my recent scanning frenzy! Here are the show reports that appeared in both the MBUK and MBi in November '91 showcasing what was coming in 1992. Enjoy. boy"O"boy MBUK November 91......
  20. drystonepaul

    Archive MBUK Summer Special 1991

    I've been sorting through a couple of boxes of old MBUK and MBi magazines and thought I would start sharing some of the articles, bike tests and other interesting stuff from within. This time it's the MBUK Summer Special from 1991.