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    Wanted THE Fender

    Ooooh let's say £20 posted ?
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    Wanted THE Fender

    Sorry for the delay it was very buried in the garage !
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    Wanted THE Fender

    I've got one. It's not NOS, it's in a silvery carbon pattern, you'll probably have to bend the bracket a bit too. But.....
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    Wanted XT M775 LH disc brake lever

    I have snapped the lever body where the bolt goes to hold it onto the bars. Does anyone have a lever body, or whole lever? Left hand lever... There is one on eBay but it's a RH.
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    Nob's feedback

    Bought another thing, again wonderful conditon and decent price. Well chuffed !
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    Wanted Rear disc hub

    How many holes do you need ?
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    Nob's feedback

    He doesn't appear to have a thread about him yet. Good price, quick postage and tip top condition. Will almost certainly buy from him again! Roly
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    Raidan73 feedback

    I also got 2 Retrobike Snooooods in super quick timing. Really good all round (well they're technically tubes but...) Quick message replier too !
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    THEFALLGUY's Feedback

    A pleasure to buy from. Good regular messages, condition was spanky and price a bargain. Very very impressive !
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    Sold Apple Macbook Air 11 Inch 2015

    Still still available ?
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    For Sale Retrobike snoods/buffs - still available (JUST BLACK LEFT NOW)

    I'll take 2 please and I have also PMd you. Roly
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    Wanted Santacruz Chameleon

    Hi khb, I certainly do. It's 14 inches from bb to middle of top tube/seat tube junction, and 17 inches to top of seat tube So with Santa Cruz sizing, who knows what size it actually is !
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    Wanted Santacruz Chameleon

    I don't have photos I'm afraid. It was the one with the optional upside down disc mount (that I don't have) Also, you have a PM.
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    Wanted Santacruz Chameleon

    Hi The Kilt, I have a mk 1 or 2 silver one in a fairly small size....
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    Captain Stupido's Feedback

    Spanky LX cranks were packaged so well they could have been launched into space and survived unscathed. Super duper all round,
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    Sold Chainsets/cranks Specialized / LX

    Ley me counter impulse buy that LX chainset please !
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    Nobby the sheep Feedback thread

    Bargainaious hub vendor, even emailed me to say they might be late. Top stuff