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    Hardisty Team bike..... Rider Q&A page 2

    Really cool, glad you picked it up!
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    Dave Lloyd 753 with Campagnolo in Devon

    Good deal if Devon is local.
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    Campagnolo branded chromed steel headset spacer

    Thanks, they don't appear to be branded though (hard to tell what it really looked like with Campagnolo I know!) and other sources show a #682 part without the branding:
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    For Sale 1992 Suntour SL road groupset - 2 x 7 friction/index with brakes

    One of the last Suntour groupsets before the SR merger and demise of the brand, this was the second from top grouppo behind Superbe Pro and this is the 7 speed standard indexed version. It has not had a great deal of use but the finish has not lasted wheel, it is all mechanically good though...
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    Campagnolo branded chromed steel headset spacer

    Can anyone shed any light on this please? I can't seem to find it in a catalogue, or a headset it might have been part of. Stamped 'Campagnolo Italy Patent' - the patent presumably dates it to pre-CPSC when they switched to using Brev perhaps? Has a tab on the inside so definitely made for this...
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    Wanted Campagnolo thumbshifters

    NOS here :-)
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    Wanted 3 or 4 finger canti flat bar levers

    NOS Suntour XCD 6000 for £20 here:
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    Sold Selle Italia Turbo Pro Team 95 Saddle Black & White

    Very cool, never seen that design before!
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    For Sale Pedro’s and Campagnolo jerseys

    Pedro’s now £15
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    E Briggs San Remo frameset £120

    Lovely, and a good price.
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    For Sale Terry Dolan built Cougar 531C fillet brazed light-touring frameset - 53cm

    Bought with cool but knackered paint having just had a crack in the seat clamp lug repaired I had this powder-coated grey and had big ideas about it being a commuter maybe, or my main touring frame. (un?)fortunately I already have two great bikes fulfilling these needs and so this needs to go...
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    For Sale Sakae Litage FX bonded aluminium early 90s lightweight road frameset - 53cm

    Another that I'll not get round to. 1990 Sakae Litage FX bonded aluminium road frameset, a really neat design that was lighter and stiffer than any comparably priced steel frame of the time and looked like the future to boot. These frames were often rebranded for other manufactures (a la...
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    1989 Overbury’s Tange Prestige Pioneer

    Thats pretty light, nice!
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    1989 Overbury’s Tange Prestige Pioneer

    March 1988 I believe Si.
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    Best all round bottom bracket

    Tange LN-7922 - basically a Shimano UN7* but still available.