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  1. KayOs

    Today's Ride

    Same around here, sent one semi pro to the hospital if I remember correctly. I once landed in an area full of nails after a jump some years ago which killed both tires. Some people deserve a high the face...with a chair...
  2. KayOs

    Show us a gratuitous full frontal!

    Yesterday in the woods
  3. KayOs

    Today's Ride

    Went for a little ride this morning, parked Rex among some truly expensive Roadie equipment during a coffee break, which caused some raised eyebrows... ...and took the wrong path at some point... ...appearently klunking is also muddy in the summer 🤣 I wish you all a nice Sunday!!
  4. 1950 HWE Rex.jpg

    1950 HWE Rex.jpg

  5. KayOs

    Correct fork for my Ibis Mojo

    Hi, I contacted Scot with the same question about my mojo. Here is his answer. I hope this helps.
  6. KayOs

    When pedals attack!

    I find these Wellgo pedals are some fierce mfs... This happend while just pushing the bike because of the flat tire and just touching them lightly. I don't want to imagine what happens when they really bite...
  7. KayOs

    No rhyme no reason just 1 Retrobike pic per post.

    I would love to have some of this "shit" messing up my shed... oh and for the galery
  8. KayOs

    Show us a gratuitous full frontal!

    Had no luck with the weather today but lots of fun
  9. KayOs

    Imlach's Sweaty Hippie Funk Collection, adventure bikes, rusty rats, cruisers and other alt bastardisations of bicyclery

    Sub 17kg bamboo cargo bike with some ovalised tubes and nice stickers
  10. KayOs

    For Sale Marzocchi XC700

    There were indeed no leaks There were indeed no leaks and I only rode them two or three times after I bought them with this bike. The hole bike was almost in NOS condition and only collected dust after it was bought. The first owner was a woman who rode it to the café sometimes.
  11. KayOs

    BoTM Bike of The Month June 2024 - now taking entries

    Since it was finished last week and I love the colour, I'll throw something from Germany into the ring. @KayOs' 1991 Centurion Elevator Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to take a nice photo in the forest due to the weather and time.
  12. KayOs

    Whats your work horse, daily, go to, get around bike

    It's not really retro but a really nice ride from a lost and found auction. And it's capable of a lot more than just commuting... Some new tires will come next.
  13. KayOs

    Help identifying - mid/late 80s double u brake bike

    I got this answer from the classic guys over at mtb news: "Fuji or something, Toyo made th frames with this seat tube connection, for many brands. Year of construction around 89 because of bottom brake"
  14. Centurion Elevator 1991.jpg

    Centurion Elevator 1991.jpg

  15. Kuwahara Cougar 1990.jpg

    Kuwahara Cougar 1990.jpg

  16. KayOs

    Today's Ride

    Nice location, looks familiar.
  17. KayOs

    Help identifying - mid/late 80s double u brake bike

    No idea so far but I asked around, if I hear something I'll let you know.
  18. KayOs

    No rhyme no reason just 1 Retrobike pic per post.

    Colors of 1990