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    Sold Shimano XT M772 rear derailleur

    I'd like to buy this please.
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    For Sale Cave Clearance!.. Loads of parts

    Hi, sorry, a bit of an absent minded reply previously. I really appreciate the added photograph. I've been a bit confused by the 88/90ID difference and what chainrings I would be able to use but it won't be a problem I don't think. I would like to use it as a 8/9 speed triple for my touring bike...
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    For Sale Cave Clearance!.. Loads of parts

    Thank you. The other thing I realised is a thing is the whole 88/90ID thing. I imagine this will be the 88ID size. I wish it was clearer which was which.
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    For Sale Cave Clearance!.. Loads of parts

    Thank you. I think it'd be helpful to check please, just to be sure if I'll be able to use it for what I have in mind.
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    For Sale Cave Clearance!.. Loads of parts

    Hello Is the Middleburn RO1 triple spider still available? I can't quite read the writing on the spider but I'm guessing its Square Taper 104/64 x3 or something? Thank you.
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    Wanted Middleburn RO2 X Type Triple Spider, Black

    Hello. Wondering if anyone has a triple spider for a RO2 X Type crank, ie. with a road chainline they're not using anymore. In black if possible, though it'd be difficult to be picky. Middleburn are out of stock and don't make them anymore. For context, it's for the touring bike. I have a 170...
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    For Sale Clear out time lots of xt ect

    Hello It's a while ago now but are the M770 shifters still around? Thank you.
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    1992 stumpjumper good cond

    Hello I'm looking for a 90s steel Stumpjumper. Is this still available? I've been looking for far too long! EDIT. details.