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  1. GavinD89

    Anyone know anything about late 80s Saracen "special editions"?

    Here’s my 1990 Saracen Limited Edition that I’ve had since new. Most parts have been changed (including removing some of the original decals when I was a teenager…) but it was based on a Traverse frame with a Deore Lx groupset. I think the Limited Edition model was a way of using some leftovers...
  2. GavinD89

    cheap 26" Tyres at banana industries

    I ordered some of the folding Z Max in 26" and was really impressed with them and quick delivery. They do come up narrow (more like a 1.9) but bang on 500g which is pretty light... So I ordered another pair... and some 26"Peyotes... and some CX tyres... and some handlebars... I was going to get...
  3. GavinD89

    Pricing an Orange E4 frame

    Just for info, I bought a really nice, lightly used E4 frame 6 months ago for £70. Great, light frames and that one looks like a 99 model as the rear dropouts were different on the 98👍
  4. GavinD89

    Sold 1990 Saracen Team Eiger

    I've been looking for a neon yellow Saracen bottle cage for my 89 Limited Edition for ages and then two come along at once 😂 (Let me know if you would sell one separately;)) Great project for someone GLWS
  5. GavinD89

    Sold Marin Indian Fire Trail 1993 19 inch £275 collected

    I saw this bike at the weekend at Cannock Chase - It's lovely and wish it was my size! GLWS
  6. GavinD89

    Retro bike racing

    Many thanks! Zoom was the first section of MBUK that I used to read! I only have a handful of issues from the early 90's but the race reports and pics are still ace :)
  7. GavinD89

    Retro bike racing

    Here are a few photo's from the Retro XC Race at Cannock Chase at the weekend. Bloomin freezing, pretty muddy but fantastic fun! I rode my 98 Orange E4 and my son raced his 92 Aluminium Elite and there were some other fab bikes on the start line including a De Kerf, a KHS, a Raleigh, a couple of...
  8. GavinD89

    No rhyme no reason just 1 Retrobike pic per post.

    I’ve never noticed that before but it looks like it!
  9. GavinD89

    For Sale m730/732/735/736/900 Front mechs

    Hi, any 28.6 bottom pull?
  10. GavinD89

    Orange clockwork '92 groupset conundrum.

    It's a bit of a strange one but this has come up in one of the Orange FB groups. It appears that there was a bit of a cross over with Orange fitting some later 92 model bikes with the 93 LX groupset (the article indicates from July onwards). Here's my original 92 framed (frame number is May...
  11. GavinD89

    For Sale Shimano XT M735 rear mech.

    I've just sent you a PM :)
  12. GavinD89

    Sold USE seatpost

    Can I take this please, I'll send you a message 👍
  13. GavinD89

    Wanted Alpinestars Cro-Mega E-Stay frame/fork

    They seem to appear in waves... There were a couple floating about on eBay before Christmas. If I see anything, I'll let you know. It might be worth asking in the all things Alpinestars group on Facebook
  14. GavinD89

    BoTM Bike of The Month January 2024 - now taking entries

    What a bike! simply stunning 😍
  15. GavinD89

    Orange clockwork '92 groupset conundrum.

    I'm pretty sure that in the early 90's, the LX was the lowest spec model of each range. I've a 92 Clockwork but it's a late model with the 93 Deore LX groupset. I vaguely remember seeing mid 90's Clockworks offered with Alivio. They were also available as a frameset so any period parts will...